How To Sell Health Insurance Online

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, people were already spending lots of time on the internet. But now that meeting people face-to-face is a lot riskier than it used to be, working online has become a necessity for some people working in some industries.

In fact, plenty of businesses and organizations have already shifted towards work-from-home setups to adapt to the situation. What we’ve found is that a lot of industries can actually thrive in a setup like this—even being able to sell more than they used to.

Insurance, for example, can work even if agents and brokers don’t physically meet up with their prospects. If you are selling health insurance or life insurance, you can still convince people to buy your policies even if you are working online.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can make the internet work for you, so you can sell more health insurance from the comfort of your home.

Sell Health Insurance Online: Lead Generation​

Whether you’re working directly with prospects or you’re approaching them online, the challenge for insurance agents is generating leads.

Lead generation is all about finding people who can potentially be converted into a client. These are prospects who have already displayed some sort of interest in your policies such as your life insurance. There are many ways to generate leads—some are more effective than others.

But here we’re going to talk about lead generation strategies for agents working online.

How to Generate Health Insurance Leads Online​

When generating leads online, you want to make your website, social media profile, or blog as easy for prospects to find as possible. Increasing your visibility will help you find more leads—by making sure they can find you.

People are doing more research on health insurance these days. And they are doing so with the help of the internet. By researching health insurance, they are expressing their interest. This makes them very valuable leads. They’re the ones you want to target with your lead generation campaign.

When your website or page is able to attract their attention, these leads would click on your call to action or CTA. This can be an image, message, or a button that encourages them to take some sort of action. Whether it’s to follow your page, subscribe to your channel, sign up for your email list—your call to action creates a connection between you and your lead.

You may set up a landing page where the CTA would take your leads. The landing page is designed to collect lead information in exchange for an offer, typically a promo, discount, or a freebie.

Since you want to generate more leads online, setting up a landing page can benefit you greatly. Or even if you’re just focusing on social media, optimizing your profile in a way that drives more traffic will help you generate more leads.

Speaking of social media, it’s one of the best places to gather leads online. Everyone is spending time on social media lately. You can definitely find your target audience hanging out on one of the most popular platforms, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, or LinkedIn. Figure out where your audience is and connect with them there.

How to Prospect for Health Insurance Clients on LinkedIn​

You have a few options when it comes to social media, but if you are selling health insurance and life insurance, LinkedIn is your best bet. We all know insurance is difficult to sell because they can be quite expensive. Not to mention that the product you are selling is not tangible. You still have to explain to people why they need to invest in it.

But LinkedIn users are all professionals, CEOs, executives, recruiters, and decision-makers. Their average salary is higher than those in other social media. If anyone would spend money on health insurance, it would be the people on LinkedIn.

This platform is specifically built for developing professional and business relationships. That’s why it’s the best source of leads for your insurance agency.

LinkedIn now has over 766 million users around the world. Over 171 million of those are from the US. 90 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, while 63 million are in decision-making positions. Not to mention there are 10 million C-level executives on LinkedIn.

And to top it all off, LinkedIn is still growing. If you start working on your lead generation now, you can really help your agency or brokerage grow in the near future. Organic LinkedIn outreach gives you a ton of opportunities to connect with potential customers and get started on building those relationships.

So how do you use LinkedIn’s massive professional user base to your advantage?

First, you optimize your profile so that it acts as an effective landing page, just like we discussed. Make sure you include all the necessary information in your LinkedIn profile or page so that when prospects want to reach out, they know how to do it.

The more comprehensive your profile is, the more you’re able to encourage LinkedIn users to message you. It also makes you more trustworthy in their eyes.

Once you’ve optimized your profile, you can start publishing content that drives traffic to it. Create videos, pictures, articles, blog entries, and other content that can give value to your target audience. Answer questions that they have about health insurance and use it as an opportunity to educate them on the subject.

Not only will this help you convince them that they need insurance, it will also allow you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This should give you an edge over other insurance agencies you are competing against.

Use relevant keywords to help prospects find your content online. When they look up keywords like health insurance and life insurance, you want your agency to be the first one in the search results. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. Use it well and you can drive tons of traffic to your social media.

Another way to use LinkedIn is to join LinkedIn Groups. There are groups for almost every type of professional. You will likely find a few that are for your particular niche. Start engaging with the members but do not sell right away. Publish your content, develop that trust, and build relationships so you can eventually convert them.

So to summarize, you can use SEO, content marketing, and LinkedIn Groups to generate leads on the world’s biggest professional platform. But there’s one other strategy you can use that really works well on LinkedIn: cold outreach

How to Automate Your Outreach on LinkedIn with Kennected​

Whether you’re on LinkedIn or any other social media, cold outreach is always tedious and time-consuming. Instead of converting your leads or working with existing clients, you’re prospecting manually and barely getting a response.

But you can automate this process, reach out to more people, and stay focused on what really matters: selling health insurance.

You need the right tool to automate your LinkedIn outreach, and that’s Kennected.

Kennected is the best LinkedIn automation tool out there—and not to mention the safest. All you have to do is look for your targets on LinkedIn, and then copy and paste the search results into Kennected. The tool will automatically send messages to everyone on that list, putting your prospecting on autopilot.

To keep your account safe, Kennected only sends up to 100 messages per day. But you can use one of Kennected’s templates or set up your own personalized message to make sure your leads will respond. The higher your acceptance and response rate, the safer your account is.

Our onboarding process holds your hand and makes sure you do not mess up your outreach campaign. Kennected works whether you have Sales Navigator or just the standard LinkedIn account. This is the perfect tool for selling health insurance from your home—even if you’re wearing PJs. It will bring you a stream of leads, connections, and meetings automatically.

When leads respond, you can jump right into the conversation and start engaging with them on a human level. Additionally, once they accept your connection request, you get their information right in your Kennected dashboard. You get their email address, their phone number, and other contact details that are available publicly.

Just imagine being able to message CEOs or other C-suite executives about your health insurance policies. Whether they buy from you right away or just connect with you, you win!

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