How To Search For Prospects On LinkedIn

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The main ways to engage in LinkedIn prospecting on the platform are through using LinkedIn advanced search, LinkedIn automation tools, and other sales prospecting techniques.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What LinkedIn sales prospecting is

  • What LinkedIn search techniques are

  • How LinkedIn search works

  • How to use search results effectively

  • What an LinkedIn automation tool does

  • How LinkedIn sales navigator works

  • What advanced search alerts do

  • What LinkedIn groups are used for

  • How to build your professional network on LinkedIn

Read on to learn all about searching for prospects on LinkedIn and how strengthening your LinkedIn profile and lead generation can make all the difference.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the practice of using a search alert to find prospects.

You can alter your search alert settings to find only active LinkedIn members, helping to ensure that you are reaching individuals who will engage with your content and become potential customers.

Each of your sales reps can also engage in sales prospecting, as it is a practice done completely within the LinkedIn platform.

Each sales rep can alter their LinkedIn profile to invite new leads in and engage them in conversation.

Sales prospecting tips include strengthening your LinkedIn profile, employing LinkedIn voice messages, finding targeted prospects, and using LinkedIn’s advanced search alert to help streamline the sales pipeline.

What is LinkedIn Search?

LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to join groups and connect with many individuals within the platform.

You can create search alerts to find prospects within the platform, and you can use these sales leads to send messages to the same LinkedIn group to target prospects.

You can perform LinkedIn outreach from your company page or from any LinkedIn account, but qualified leads are more likely to be drawn into a branded page than an anonymous LinkedIn member.

When you think of how to search for prospects on LinkedIn, you may think that this process needs to involve a lot of manual work and outreach.

Let’s debunk this theory and outline the LinkedIn search tips that you can use to help find prospects without all the hassle.

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What are LinkedIn Search Techniques?

Here are just a few LinkedIn search techniques that you can use to find prospects:

  • Send LinkedIn messages with connection requests

  • Host LinkedIn events

  • Find people actively interested in your business development and participate in a lead search

  • Use search filters

  • Speak with existing customers to get social proof

  • Message a mutual connection

  • Create LinkedIn posts often

  • Create your profile to serve as a sales pitch

Each connection request you send has the potential to connect you with potential prospects, so take the time to ensure that each LinkedIn post conveys your brand and mission well.

Each LinkedIn message you send carries similar potential as well.

How to Use Search Results Effectively

When you find relevant prospects, it is important to reach out to them right away.

Social media moves quickly, and so do people’s interest in a given product or service.

When you find prospects on LinkedIn, it is crucial to act fast and engage with these connections as quickly as possible.

One way to do this effectively is to use LinkedIn automation.

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation, like LinkedIn sales navigator, is a software implementation that works to strengthen your lead generation efforts and streamline search alerts.

Automation tools exist to help find targeted prospects and sales leads through advanced search filters and other automated functions.

Automation will work around the clock to ensure that your business finds valuable leads and even will message them for you using templates.

A popular automation tool is LinkedIn sales navigator, so let’s outline what this software does for your business and lead prospecting.

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How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Work?

LinkedIn sales navigator is a tool designed to help with LinkedIn lead generation, as well as automating any messaging or prospecting you may be doing on the platform.

Every LinkedIn company can benefit from a software implementation, and LinkedIn sales navigator is one of the best and known widely to be successful at LinkedIn outreach and finding relevant prospects.

Sales navigator will also help you to find groups to join, helping with building connections and LinkedIn prospecting simultaneously.

There are settings within the software to help you utilize alumni search, create a LinkedIn event, or even use LinkedIn to develop your own strategy to generate leads moving forward.

The software will analyze the social media platform and exact prospects that are exactly the people you want to bring into your business.

Let’s outline what you need to do after you find leads and how these groups can continue to attract prospects and high quality leads.

What are LinkedIn Groups For?

LinkedIn groups can be used to check many boxes within your lead prospecting efforts.

Here are just a few ways that LinkedIn groups can be used for the benefit of your business:

  • Grouping together high quality leads

  • Engaging in business conversations

  • Connecting people actively interested in your products

  • Creating a space to talk about a specific niche

  • A designated place for sales leads

  • A space for existing customers to provide feedback

  • Sales messages or marketing messages

Using groups to your advantage will help you save time and energy, especially once your lead generation efforts have gained significant traction.

How Kennected Engages in LinkedIn Prospecting

Here at Kennected, we are all about getting the results we want without working endlessly to achieve them.

LinkedIn prospecting can be a daunting task, but with these best practices in mind and an automation tool designed to help you, you can reap the benefits of LinkedIn without the hassle.

Take the time to develop your profile and strategy, and enjoy the lead flow you will see almost immediately.

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