What Skills Should An SDR Have?


Every business wants to have the best customer service on the market. Closing deals is no easy task, and it takes more than a sales pitch. Sales reps must acquire a “particular set of skills” to progress with the sales process. A few best practices include active listening, critical thinking, and must possess strong empathy. But these are only a tiny fraction of what it takes to be a successful SDR.

Building A Sales Process With A Sales Team

Every sales business has a unique sales process that most customers go through to reach a deal. Shaping the sales process depends on the company you work for, the product you’re selling, and your target audience. So your sales team has the important skills to get the leads turned into customers, but how do you put that plan into action?

Use the competition to your advantage. Look into how competitors develop their sales process and the benefits or discounts they offer. It’s a doggie-dog world to maneuver, but it can be easy to get left in the dust by the competition.

Positive Mental Attitude

Working through the sales pipeline comes with some great sales conversations. But not all sales development representatives have wonderful phone calls or a significant positive effect on them. And sometimes, business opportunities arise after meeting customer needs and actively listening to potential customers.

Sales professionals deal with many rude and not-so-nice phone calls daily. Even a great sales development representative who has gone through training sessions will face real conversations of negative sales activities. The good news is that this experience is typical and should not discourage any sales development representative from giving it their all every day.

Sales are all about building relationships with your target audience. Sales reps should remain positive throughout every sales cycle. Possessing market intelligence can lead to qualified leads and a successful relationship builder. Not many SDRs make it far in the sales development field without inbound marketing.


“If at first, you don’t succeed, try try again” is a great quote to describe the career of a sales development representative. Highly customized outreach requires a high volume of time management and thought. This alone can be overwhelming, but always think about the future interaction with potential customers to keep a steady head.

The best SDRs proactively seek product knowledge and don’t worry about past or last sales. Current customers should be their priority where sales reps observe a customer’s facial and body language. And whether or not the sales development representative sells the company’s products, they should think about a customer’s anticipation.

Essential skills like scheduling meetings through a calendar management tool or organization processes will help lead qualification. The sales process starts before sales development representatives meet and after they qualify leads.


While being persistent can make the sales process easier, consistent with lead generation is just as important. Sales colleagues are thinking about qualified leads and getting more prospects through highly customized outreach.

Collaboration is one of the critical skills our sales teams learn from sales training. Kennected has a marketing team that works closely with the inside sales team to maintain a sales cadence. We develop a marketing strategy with sales skills and product knowledge to help pain points and qualify prospects.

Kennected is a SaaS company that sells a high volume of CRM software that acts as a sales navigator. Our account executives benefit from inbound marketing and video prospecting to make more sales. The sales development reps use a LinkedIn sales navigator to reach extended networks and find the best decision-makers.

Business development representatives progress lead generation by either their email responses, cold calling, or possibly video prospecting. Sales development is a highly collaborative environment where varying sales activities work toward time management.

Remaining Joyful

Above all else, sales reps need to remain positive and joyful in the sales development process. Customers want to work with the sales reps that put their heart into the work they do. Account executives at industry events or other large-scale environments represent the company they work for. No pressure but you want to be the best you can be.

How Much Do Sales Development Representatives Make Yearly?

In 2020, it was reported that a sales development representative made an average of $62,070. A 25% of sales development representatives made over $89,000, while another 25% made over $43,000. So depending on the sales development representative skills and the company of employment, these factors likely influence how much each sales rep made.

Benefits of Being A Sales Development Representative

Working on a sales team is not an entirely grim career as each inside sales representative is building their network 24/7. A careful marketing strategy should paint the sales team positively because they receive the blunt force of sales development.

A sales development representative uses active listening to work with leads and prospects. They’re using their sales development representative skills to build up the company name and reputation.

SDRs That Use Kennected Have an Unfair Competitive Advantage For Prospecting On LinkedIn

Besides having the number one LinkedIn outreach tool Cloud Kennect, our inside sales team has the SDR skills to navigate sales development better than the competition. The marketing strategy guarantees more sales from a great sales development rep.

Every sales development representative SDR gets the chance to use video prospecting to produce a more personal approach to sales. We use careful research and a marketing strategy that encourages growth through all sales. Through active listening, a sales development representative SDR can increase sales.

What makes our marketing strategy different from the competition? Care. Sales don’t grow without a caring sales development representative. We want to get the chance to understand your goals and your approach to reaching them. Our sales development representative views the sales department as a means for growing revenue and building their network.

Sales are more than a business meeting or a chance to show off the talent we possess. Each sales development representative lays the foundation for where we go from here.

Do you have a business goal, but have no clue how to get there? Reach out to our sales team here for the best SDRs in the sales business.

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