How to Scrape LinkedIn Profiles

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LinkedIn profiles can be scraped using a LinkedIn sales navigator feature, another LinkedIn profile scraper, or through manual data scraping. Each of these methods involves taking data from LinkedIn profiles and using relevant information to help strengthen marketing strategy.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What LinkedIn profiles are used for

  • How to scrape data from LinkedIn using software

  • What web scraping does for your business

  • How best to use LinkedIn data scraping

Read on to learn all about LinkedIn profile scraping and how this practice can help provide structured data and better your lead generation efforts.

What are LinkedIn Profiles Good For?

Every LinkedIn account is linked to a specific individual, and these individuals are linked to their company name or some other entity.

When you scrape LinkedIn and extract data, you are using the public data that is found on LinkedIn profiles to help guide your messaging in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Each LinkedIn profile you encounter and analyze will feature valuable data.

By compiling the data from LinkedIn profile URLs, you are improving your LinkedIn scraping and your ability to curate content towards your ideal customers.

Additionally, scraping data will help you to construct your own LinkedIn automation and strengthen your own LinkedIn profile URL for future networking purposes.

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How to Scrape Data Using Technology

Though manual data scraping is a great way to extract data, there are many software options that exist to serve as an automated LinkedIn scraper.

Each of these tech tools scrape data from LinkedIn URLs and place all the information gathered from these profiles into an easily accessible CSV file for organization purposes.

With an automation tool, your business can perform the following:

  • Use web scraping tools to collect data

  • Perform a bulk profile crawl through a social network

  • Gather information from potential clients

  • Aid sales automation

  • Use web pages and the content within them to find scraped data

Using software like a chrome extension or LinkedIn sales navigator helps your business to do prospecting and other data scraping while you work on other tasks.

The best feature of these software options is that by using an automation tool to perform your LinkedIn profile scraping, you free up time for yourself and other business goals.

Gathering contact data and other structured data should be the least of your concerns, and an automation tool helps you to alleviate the stress of manual prospecting.

How to Best Use LinkedIn Data

Once you have gotten data from a web page, it is important to know what you should be doing with this information.

Here are just a few ways that you can use the data you have obtained from scraping LinkedIn:

  • Write more articles with the data you have scraped

  • Widen your search parameters for your own users

  • Help your employees in their sales tactics and strategies using structured data

  • Create a stronger public LinkedIn profile

  • Gain access to helpful information

  • Get content creation ideas

The usability of your data depends on the data you personally have collected.

You may be able to use this data to help strengthen your search parameters, or you might find that LinkedIn profiles are better suited for aiding your content creation.

Use the process to help your lead generation efforts, and keep improving from there.

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How Kennected Scrapes Data From LinkedIn

Here at Kennected, lead generation is what shapes our business.

Our company software is designed to help those we work with to strengthen their own lead generation efforts, so we are familiar with LinkedIn scraping and the benefits of scraping data in general.

We have found that manual data scraping and prospecting is a time consuming process that successful businesses don’t have the time to do.

That is why we created software to perform this data scraping for your business, allowing you to dedicate more time to your employees and mission.

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