Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci Rebranded

Business management firm Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci is changing its name. It’s now called Ground Control Business Management.

George Savitsky founded the firm in 1990 & represented celebrities, athletes, and other high-net-worth individuals. 

Ground Control’s CEO is Chris Bucci, who co-managed the firm with Steve Savitsky in 2017.

While maintaining autonomy, NFP gave Bucci the resources it needed to grow. 

Ground Control will include approximately 90 employees from the former Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci & about 45 employees from Tanner Mainstain Glynn & Johnson, also under the NFP umbrella. 

More strategic moves are coming in the next year, Bucci says, that will disrupt the business & “create a new path for business management.”

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Here is what the article states –

Bucci, now 37, has quickly become one of the most respected business managers in the industry, which he credits to the senior partners giving him a seat at the table. “They’ve always allowed people to grow,” he says. “George built something that was so special, and it was easier for me to do what I do because he laid the groundwork and set that path in place.”

Changing the brand, he hopes, sends a similar message to the firm’s younger generation. “There are no names at the top,” says Bucci. “We’re in this together. We’re side-by-side.”

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