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With a LinkedIn sales navigator subscription, your business has the ability to utilize various sales navigator resources, including a search filter, boolean search, and other advanced search results. You’ll also be able to reach your target users through lead search and connection requests.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales navigator offers your business

  • How to use LinkedIn sales navigator

  • Advanced search results and features

  • How to use advanced filters and sales prospecting

Read on to learn all about sales navigator and how it can be used to aid many aspects of your LinkedIn presence and business at large.

What is Sales Navigator?

Sales navigator is a tool used to streamline your LinkedIn search results and processes.

What makes LinkedIn sales navigator worth it is the capabilities that it provides you as far as sales searching and reaching your target audience effectively.

Here is a list of just a few items that this LinkedIn automation tool can do:

  • Use employee data integration

  • Find sales leads through a boolean search

  • Use search parameters to aid the sales process

  • Send direct messages through sales reps

  • Sync sales navigator with LinkedIn premium

  • Find relevant prospects through search bar

  • Use Microsoft dynamics to put your business at a major advantage

Ultimately, sales navigator users receive access to more leads and allow their sales team to do their magic at a higher rate.

When you utilize a sales navigator from your LinkedIn profile, you’ll also have the ability to contact anyone in your “LinkedIn group,” meaning those you have connected with on the platform.

This will allow you to set sales preference settings and even get you new leads in the process.

Now that we know a little bit about sales navigator as a service, let’s outline how you can get started with using LinkedIn sales navigator.

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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The most important feature of LinkedIn sales navigator is that you can alter your search criteria to help you reach prospects and new leads.

On a normal LinkedIn account, you only have access to those you are already connected to on the platform.

When this is the case, you will have saved leads undergoing the buying process, but you may have to do manual prospecting, which takes time and energy that could be allocated elsewhere.

When you employ sales navigator, you can set criteria for the platform to help you find more leads and aid your overall lead generation efforts.

Let’s outline just a few ways that sales navigator can strengthen your ability to get quality leads:

  • Sales navigator helps to reach LinkedIn groups with advanced features

  • You can set up a connection request template to aid in sales preferences section

  • Establish a personal connection with your leads

  • Make a lead list to help guide sales navigator

  • Use sales navigator as a social selling tool

  • Tag posted content keywords to aid in garnering potential leads

  • Strengthen sales funnel with those you have a mutual connection with

In conclusion, sales navigator offers a plethora of options and benefits for your LinkedIn sales and lead prospecting efforts.

Let’s review each of the LinkedIn sales navigator features to demonstrate the value of this service for your business venture.

Advanced Search Results and Features

LinkedIn sales navigator is designed to help you broaden your search filter on LinkedIn.

The standard search filter allows you to enter certain keywords or a specific individual’s name, but the search bar capabilities end there.

With the LinkedIn sales navigator feature, your search bar features are far from limited.

With LinkedIn sales navigator, your search engine can perform the following:

  • Use advanced filters

  • Utilize a boolean search

  • Use a LinkedIn automation tool to reach target audience

  • Gauge company size when searching

  • Generate interest in your own profile

  • Use CRM data to find leads

  • Provide you with lead lists and LinkedIn profiles

  • Save leads that fit the prospect’s profile

When you buy sales navigator, the search navigator capabilities are truly endless.

LinkedIn sales navigator is designed to aid your business in these searching areas, so be sure to evaluate what your “ideal customer” looks like and manage your account settings accordingly.

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How to Manage Sales Preferences

The most important piece of using LinkedIn sales navigator is using it correctly.

How do we use LinkedIn sales navigator to our advantage every single day?

When it comes to lead generation, you have to perceive this as a constant, ongoing process that will need frequent upkeep and adjustments.

Your LinkedIn sales navigator will also need to be evaluated and re-evaluated often.

Here are some of the best practices to utilize when it comes to managing your LinkedIn sales navigator preferences:

  • Look at your saved leads and model after them

  • Find what makes relevant prospects stand out

  • Study the efficacy of your lead generation frequently

  • Utilize the resource of LinkedIn groups

  • Use the target market to guide prospecting

  • Focus on generating leads through a few clicks

  • Initiate contact with lead lists

With LinkedIn sales navigator, it is most important to constantly be looking for ways to improve your strategy and outreach.

Your LinkedIn sales navigator work is never truly finished, and you’ll see greater success on the platform when you are doing this work.

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing amazing results right away.

Continue looking into what parts of your strategy work best, and lean into those elements.

Use search filters to your advantage and keep striving for success.

How Kennected Uses Sales Navigator

Here at Kennected, we use LinkedIn sales navigator features every single day for the betterment of our business.

We adjust our settings frequently and realize that our prospecting efforts will vary daily.

Using the LinkedIn sales navigator tool has transformed our business, and we know it will do the same to yours.

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