Using LinkedIn Navigator? Don’t Miss These Best Practices

LinkedIn is, for the most part, a free service. You can get tons of value out of this social networking platform for free by leveraging its huge professional user base. Entrepreneurs can use LinkedIn to generate leads, increase brand awareness, boost revenue, and expand their network.

You can find plenty of opportunities to grow your business even without spending money. But if you are using LinkedIn a lot, you should consider investing in Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn. And if you think LinkedIn’s capabilities are already awesome, then Sales Navigator will take that even further.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $79.99 per month, or $64.99 a month when paying annually. A lot of business owners ask: is it worth it? And the quick answer is yes—if you use it properly.

So here we’re gonna talk about some of the best ways to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator so you can get the most out of it.

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Worth it?​

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn for lead generation, then Sales Navigator is a great investment. It has a lot of different features that help you find your ideal audience, but it’s worth it even just for the Advanced Search feature alone.

LinkedIn’s basic version—which is the free one that everyone uses—actually limits your searches. If you start using LinkedIn to find leads regularly, you may begin to approach this free search limit. You will get a warning that tells you about your monthly search limit. To refresh it, you’ll have to wait until the next month. LinkedIn does not tell you how many searches you have left, and they also cannot lift your limit even if you request for more.

This is LinkedIn’s way of nudging people into purchasing the Sales Navigator. It’s also a way to prevent people from spamming other LinkedIn users. So if you’re always reaching your free search limit anyway, you might want to consider upgrading to premium. The Advanced Search is an extremely powerful feature that helps you zoom in on your target audience.

What is Advanced Search?​

The Advanced Search gives you access to more search filters including Keywords, Geography, Title, Company Size, and more. In fact, Sales Navigator has over 20+ advanced search filters. This helps you define your audience more accurately and conduct searches that are as specific or as broad as you want.

It even lets you use Boolean searches, which we will talk about later on.

Having advanced search options will also help you automate your LinkedIn outreach with Kennected. Kennected is the best LinkedIn automation tool because it lets you copy your LinkedIn search results and send personalized messages to all your targeted prospects automatically. Kennected sends messages one by one, as if you were sending them yourself. You can even schedule personalized follow-ups to make sure that your recipients will answer.

Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you can get access to their email, phone number, and other important details—right inside the Kennected dashboard. You can hop right in and start a real conversation with them.

With Kennected, you can focus on building relationships instead of having to send those connection messages manually. Imagine being able to send personalized messages to everyone in your defined area or town that has a LinkedIn account. That’s the power of Kennected. And it’s even more effective with LinkedIn Sales Navigator because you can find your target audience effortlessly.

Use Boolean Searches to Narrow Down Prospects​

Sales Navigator lets you perform Boolean searches: this means you can combine keywords with operators like AND, NOT, and OR, during your search. An example search would be “sales manager”.

If you use NOT searches: You will find people in “sales” who are NOT a “manager”.

If you use OR searches: You can find people who are in “sales” OR “advertising” OR “marketing”.

If you use AND searches: You can find LinkedIn users who are in “sales” AND “finance”.

Those are just examples of how Boolean searches work. You can use this technique to narrow down your prospects to the most qualified ones.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Find People in Groups​

We all know LinkedIn Groups are important for connecting with people outside of your network. But Sales Navigator also lets you use the advanced filter to find people within those groups.

This means you can join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your niche and start connecting with the members inside. Participate in Groups actively by commenting on other people’s posts, and sharing your own content. This is a good way to establish thought leadership and start building trust. When you message them, they are more likely to respond because you’ve already built that familiarity.

Use the ‘View Similar’ Function to Find More Leads​

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s View Similar function helps you find a whole new list of relevant leads. Just go to the search bar, search for your target market, and choose one of the leads from the search results.

After choosing your desired lead, click on “View Similar”. Sales Navigator will show you hundreds of leads that are similar to that one.

Do Your Research before Sending that InMail Message​

InMail is LinkedIn’s version of a direct message. The difference is that you can send InMail to people you are not yet connected to.

As you may already know, LinkedIn does not let you message anyone who is outside of your network. The exception is with LinkedIn Groups, wherein you can message fellow members. But with InMail, you can send a direct message to your prospects without connecting with them first. It’s a good way to get their attention and make that initial impression.

But before you send that InMail, make sure you do some research on your target so you can personalize your message accordingly. Check out their profile and look for similar interests. This will make it easier to engage them in a conversation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you access to a lot of helpful features. It’s even better when used with Kennected. LinkedIn automation will help you save time and effort so you can focus on more important tasks. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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