What Sales Jobs Make the Most Money?

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Are you eyeing the lucrative side of the digital marketing industry? You might want to consider online sales jobs with impressive earning potential.

As sales representative job opportunities undergo expansion, you might be wondering where the goldmine lies in this vast industry. Well, all sales jobs are not the same. Some pay better than others. More so, some are more demanding than others.

Therefore, whether you want to venture into offline or online sales, understand that the world is rapidly shifting and most businesses are turning to the internet for their marketing solutions. As a salesperson, this is where you want to place your bet.

That said, even online sales jobs themselves are quickly revolutionizing. Since your aim is to monetize your hard-earned sales skills, where do you turn to for the most earning potential doing what you love?

This article explores some of the high-paying sales jobs that can turn around your fortunes in this digital era. Check them out and see which one suits you best.

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Highest Paying Sales Jobs

Alright, so without further ado, let’s just jump right into talking about the highest paying sales jobs that basically anyone can navigate their way into. Certainly, some of these positions (like sales reps) can require a little more effort to get into, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that nearly anyone can get a high paying sales job, no matter what your starting point might be.

Software Sales Rep

Working for technology companies, these salespeople strive to sell software developed by their company to other companies, professionals, or consumers. This role is most prevalent among software as a service (SaaS) companies that specialize in selling dynamic lead generation tools and other advanced problem-solving tools.

The sales rep combines both online tactics and offline tactics to try and close a sale. They may for instance reach out to prospects for a certain software through cold emailing or physically visit the prospect for a persuasive software demo.

Getting into this role is not as competitive as other tech-related sales jobs. Most companies hiring for the lucrative role will generally require a bachelor’s degree in any field.

In addition to a basic degree, some employers may require a demonstration of being tech-savvy to easily maneuver the complexities of software selling. Possessing this special ability will work to your advantage because you cannot sell what you don’t understand.

Should you decide to pursue this role, the total annual pay currently sits at between $35,000 to $100,000.

Enterprise Sales Executive

Also known as account executives, these top-ranking sales professionals are common in the B2B landscape. They are usually tasked with the management of their company’s enterprise accounts. These accounts represent the firm’s large-scale customers that would require a dedicated account manager.

An enterprise sales executive working for a software company, for instance, may be responsible for an enterprise customer buying in bulk, say 10,000 software licenses and above. With such enormous sales volumes, a higher premium is placed on this sales executive and that automatically comes with higher income potential.

That said, the great pay is tied to more pressure and tougher responsibilities considering the sales executive is directly handling not only the firm’s largest but also most important customers. Rising to this role may take years of climbing the career ladder. However, with an MBA you might just find yourself far ahead of the rest of the sales industry right from the start of your career.

If successful, you should expect a total annual income ranging from $74,000 to $284,000.

Sales Blogger

With the evolution of online media, online selling is correspondingly evolving. There are myriad ways to make money online simply by creating hype around a service or product. One effective way is blogging.

As most brands and businesses resort to blogging as one of their internet marketing avenues, bloggers are actively inventing ways to monetize both their influence and content. That means there are tons of ways to rise through blogging success and earn huge and the more techniques you include in your blogging website the better.

Some of these earning avenues include:

  • Online advertisement display

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Direct ad sales

  • Online courses and ebooks

  • Product selling and service offerings

  • Publishing sponsored content and reviews

Depending on your level of blogging skill, this sales gig may attract an annual salary range of between $19,500 and as high as $80,500 for top earners. In addition to your skills, how fast your salary shoots may also depend on your location and experience. That is to say, some states pay better than others.

Furthermore, your blogging category is also a decisive factor as some topics attract a more lucrative pay than others. That said, the top category earners include travel blogs, remote blogs, book blogs, entertainment blogs, and corporate blogs.

Online Reseller

From the sound of the name, this sales job involves just that: reselling a product. And no, you don’t produce the resold merchandise yourself. You simply identify the right product, purchase it in bulk, and then resell it at a profit.

Armed with the right product information, you can launch the search for a reliable wholesaler to supply you with the goods. Then, proceed to look for the right marketplace to position your store before launching the promotion of your merchandise.

Most online resold products are either niche products or commoditized products. The latter represents products used by a wide range of consumers such as coffee. On the other hand, the former represents specialized commodities appealing to only a few customers.

To narrow down your selection, you must conduct in-depth research to see which category will yield the best outcomes. Generally, it should be a category that addresses real customer pain points and can be purchased affordably without eroding your profit margin.

When you are ready to resell your products, you can head over to online sites like eBay or online storefronts such as Amazon or Shopify. As you venture into online reselling, expect your annual earnings to hover in the region of between $25,000 and $128,000.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Sales


Whether as a freelancer, agency, or local business, SEO specialists carry a huge earning potential from a wide array of SEO services including:

  • SEO-optimized content creation

  • Website design

  • SEO auditing and analysis

  • Google My Business optimization

  • Link building

  • Pay-per-click

  • On-site optimization

  • Social media optimization

  • Reputation management

Selling these services to businesses and brands pays well with the average annual pay totaling $70,662. That said, the pay range generally hovers between $63,936 and $77,156 depending on a number of factors. Some of these salary considerations include SEO experience, education, extra skills, and certifications attained.

The most common job specifications in this lucrative role may include SEO Director, SEO Manager, SEO Campaign Manager, Link Builder, Content Writer, and SEO Researcher. Each of these specialists takes home a different pay from the other.

Sales Copywriter

These salespeople are responsible for producing sales copies for brands and businesses. Their copies are usually targeted at a brand’s landing page with the sole aim of converting a prospect into a buying customer.

That already tells you a sales copywriter must be super great at persuasion.

A good sales copy communicates value to the target audience. That means it combines language, tone, and voice to convincingly articulate a brand’s unique selling proposition to compel a visitor to take a certain desired action like signing up, subscribing, or filling out a form.

To succeed in this sales job, you must demonstrate strong communication skills, writing skills, technical skills, research skills, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking. Additionally, a bachelor’s degree in journalism or English can make all the difference in your earning potential. However, with a proven experience and project portfolio, some employers may still accept a GED certificate or high school diploma.

With that in mind, venturing into this sales job comes with an impressive remuneration package ranging from $31,000 to $147,000 annually. This may vary further depending on whether you are working for an agency, corporation, or as a freelancer.

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Prospective Sales Reps Can Start Today

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