What Sales Jobs Make The Most Money?

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The sales business needs an effective team whose quick-thinking and smooth-talk can demonstrate the product’s value. 

Sales span all industries and affect almost everything else in the marketplace. A sales career has advantages and disadvantages.

Sales professionals are responsible for educating customers about products and services to strengthen relationships.

Working in the industry helps develop transferable skills, including interpersonal skills.

Various sales careers have their paths. Certain careers focus more on developing and retaining existing client relationships than others.

A sales representative typically makes sales pitches to a group of people. Often a salesperson will have to make similar pitches to multiple decision-making teams.

Sales have always been prevalent because the need to have sales professionals has continued to increase across industries. The best sales jobs are those with good salaries.

What Are Sales Jobs?

Despite sales being so nuanced, the sales industry has the same objective – the same sales role. Usually, sales professionals discuss products to convince customers to buy them.

It may be quite different for each sales position. Negotiations in terms of prices are a common part of your selling job, or you may focus only on preapproved agreements at fixed prices.

Lead generating could be your responsibility, or you may get leads through a company.

Several high-paying sales jobs call for leadership abilities, which allows your team of representatives to lead.

Some sales jobs require winning and retaining potential clients, but they’re generally less important than selling. Sales are the primary role of a business.

Entry-level sales jobs can start between $40,000 – $60,000 base salaries.

The Average Annual Salary

The average annual salary for a sales representative is $66,400.

Salespeople perform various daily tasks intending to generate leads and increase sales for their business.

There are sales positions available for managers and executives.

Although many positions depend solely on sales commissions to determine the salaries of professionals, moving into higher positions typically increases salaries and responsibility.

Commissions are percentages of sales. It does not limit salespeople’s income potential.

Looking For The Highest-Paying Sales Jobs?

Some people and businesses will have to buy something in a concise span. Despite sales trends, there has been no “one-time deal.”

Most salespeople build enduring trust and maintain this relationship for decades.

Start filling your sales pipeline today

Highest-Paying Sales Jobs

Find out what sales positions are best for your company by looking at this list of eight sales jobs ranging from highest to lowest pay.

Nationally the average pay is $35.50 an hour.

However, in most sales jobs, your salary won’t be more than $50,000.

Every time a sale happens, your profit goes toward the sales. Commissions vary based on job duties or industries.

Often jobs pay you an hourly rate plus perks, but some only pay you an hourly rate.

Consulting Sales Job

Obviously, the clients are more likely to hire someone who is accounting knowledgeable, but this is not always true.

A consulting sales base salary starts at $54,000 in Indiana.

In the current economic climate, the most commission is paid by the most successful contracts. See consulting sales positions at Kennected.

Business Development Director Selling

Business development is a high-paying sales job where you will need top-notch negotiation skills and a good understanding of technical information for an untechnical audience.

The wages usually come with stocks that you can sell if the corporation succeeds.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers lead the customer through the personalization process, and refine their offer as they go along.

Sometimes sales engineers go so far as to gather specifications and customize their solutions.

Because of sales cycle knowledge and tech skills, sales engineers generally earn a lot of money. Almost $193,000 annually is the best salary.

Account Executives

When it comes to collaboration with human resources and intermixing sales departments, no job comes to mind faster than account executives.

These experts work in finance, sales, marketing, and advertising to offer advice for successful promotional efforts. 

A starting salary could be $65,000 and more.

Real Estate Agent

When you think of buying a house or selling your home, you are not often thinking of the property. Realtors do.

Almost everyone sees realtors as service providers despite the fact it’s a sale. After all, their job involves bringing a home on sale to prospective buyers.

They should convince potential buyers of a property’s benefits and address their concerns before making their final sale.

One sales job for a realtor is to earn commissions. So technically, the skies are a limitation on income.

The average salary is around $46,390 but can earn up to six figures.

Outsourced Services

Every task an organization outsources is the chance for salespeople to earn hefty commissions. Selling call center services is one of these jobs.

Call centers did initial outsourcing activities but now include maintenance and office administration, staffing support, payroll, and regulatory compliance.

An outsourced services base salary starts with $56,000.

It’s one of many jobs that people can start with their sales mid-career.

Software Sales – High Paying Sales Job (We’re Hiring at Kennected)

These professionals specialize in integrating when you combine consultative sales with an arm-wrestling approach.

As a junior salesperson, you must demonstrate aggressiveness, such as playing varsity sports. IT or marketing majors can also assist in landing the position.

The sales rep reaches out to consumer market contacts and leads to sell integrated packages.

A software sales base salary starts at $83,000 in Indiana.

You could even go into sales at the end of a career if you are in business and use the software. You should have extensive knowledge of market players and know its features, both technical and functional primary duties.

Sales Manager

Sales managers monitor sales activities within the specific sales team. They discover how teams can reach target sales quotas.

Sales managers make roughly $119,911 an hour. It would be possible with experience to earn over $162,562.

Account Manager

The manager’s role is as part of service. The company helps customers meet specific needs for their product or service.

Even an entry-level account manager earns $586,000 each. Depending on your ability at a higher position, you may find an additional $226,393.

Digital Media Sales

The digital ad sales market is thriving as selling traditional media, broadcast, and cable industries are sinking.

Service-related industries to sales include journalism and communications. Advertising sales representatives sell advertising space in other businesses that wish to promote their products.

Due primarily to limited advertisement spaces, the market can be competitive, and these representatives have the chance at high commissions.

If you work in media, get in touch with a digital agency for primary duties like banner ads, buttons, and search engine optimization to provide marketing materials.

Job seekers should look for big clients launching new distribution channels like IP-TV video-on-demand initiatives, or selling products on phones.

Read here on how to grow your digital marketing agency with LinkedIn.

Major Gifts Officer

Amongst all the unusual jobs in the sales field, the major gifts officers are the big ones.

These business development representatives specialize in collecting donations for nonprofit organizations.

The company aims to sell the mission to many sales leads, typically investors, and lure more people financially.

Generally, officers receive about $95,951. With some time and experience, you may earn $141,160 or $144,080.

Medical-Device Sales

Companies are recruiting business-to-business salespeople. The primary duties include medical device equipment or payroll services doctors use in the operating room.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives should be comfortable working with blood because physicians must sell their products and usually work directly with surgeons.

Expect a lot of cold calls at first alongside primary duties but establish relationships throughout your career with healthcare professionals.

Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents help clients choose and acquire different kinds of insurance.

Depending on where you are, you could focus on specific niches like life insurance or dabble in other areas, like car rentals and homeownership.

Insurance salesman jobs usually involve commissions. A salary of around $50,940 is pretty typical in the US. Eventually, it is possible you can earn a lot more, possibly even over $125k.

Telecommunications Sales

Sales telecommunication products to large corporations are high-paying sales jobs in which you can progress as quickly as possible.

Primary duties include selling cable services, but that can lead to selling network or security services. Alternatively, when someone is aggressive in appearance, a sales rep could contact via networking or security services.

A telecommunications sales base salary starts between $35,000 – $40,000.

As a business development representative, try making connections between national accounts and sales management.

Consumer Packaged Goods Sales

The consumer packaged goods market is gaining importance, including toys, beverages, and products sold in supermarkets and ethnic markets.

A CPG sales director places emphasis on primary duties like placing products nationwide through consumer markets networks. The first step to becoming a CPG salesperson requires an MBA.

You can be an agency but also do other stuff. You’ve got an involvement and not merely selling products.

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistants support the sales team through databases.

The primary duties include preparing the sales reports, order processing, shipment scheduling, updating inventory information, and communicating promotions and pricing.

A few help them in administrative duties such as filing and processing documents.

Start filling your sales pipeline today

With One Of These Jobs, You Could Earn More Than $100K A Year

Jobs in sales are highly profitable if you know what the job is. Are you interested in selling products alongside sales representatives?

Stick to service sectors or sell big-ticket products that sell to businesses instead of consumers. These careers can lead you to a six-figure sales job.

And start in the field immediately. Salary varies depending on experience, specialty, and job position.

How Can I Get Ahead In Sales Jobs?

The sales business is dynamic and needs your attention. You may already know about the ABCs of sale: always shut down. Maybe it’s time to start learning. For sales success, continue learning.

To get further training, you can talk to salespeople who have gotten better at selling and how to get there. Please be aware of any new developments.

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