What Sales Industry Makes The Most Money?

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When it comes to finding a job, it’s best to look to your strengths. Think about what you’re good at and what you like to do. Consider what you’ve done in the past and what you would like to do in the future. For some people, sales jobs are a natural fit. These are jobs that are ideal for high energy people who like to put in work and see results.


Sales jobs allow people to use their specific talents. They can use their sales job to engage in the process of connecting with people and fulfilling their needs. Certain qualities make people a good fit for the sales industry and sales jobs. People who are outgoing, comfortable with others, willing to work hard and have an innate understanding of body language find it easy to become well paid sales professionals.

Well Paying Sales Positions

One of the best things about sales jobs as those here at Kennected know well, is the ability to join a sales team and earn a good living. A high-paying sales job has nearly unlimited earnings. Those who have the skills to find the highest-paying sales jobs can typically expect earnings as high as six figures or more annually. 


While any industry can offer the opportunity to become the highest-paid sales reps, certain industries are noted for offering the highest-paying sales jobs. A sales job in these industries is a natural way to harness your talents and use them to your advantage.


Advertising is a growing industry. Clients all over the world need to reach out and let customers know about the many details about their products and services. Advertising sales representatives help companies find out exactly how to engage in this process. These are sales jobs that help companies discover how they can use varied forms of media to extend their reach. They are also sales representatives who help advertising agencies sell their services to clients. That can pay off for everyone involved.


This is one industry that covers lots of types of jobs and industries. For example, you might choose to enter the field of selling broadcast advertising for media markets. A sales job selling space for radio ads can mean connecting with local business owners and helping them reach out to lots of clients. 


Television is another medium that can yield high-paying sales jobs. Many jobs in the field also lead to high salaries. It is not uncommon for sales representatives to earn over a hundred thousand years per year and even more. If you have the right skills and a feel for the needs of the job, this can be an ideal fit for your personal skills.

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Real Estate Agent

Another fabulous field for those who feel sales jobs are right for them is the world of real estate. Real estate experts work with people who are looking for all kinds of spaces. One day they might show a large mansion while the next they might work with a client looking for a condo in the heart of a major city. 


This is one industry that includes lots of subsections. You can find sales jobs in commercial real estate, residential real estate, and real estate for specific professionals like healthcare and finance.

As a real estate agent, you’ll find the chance to earn a nice living. Many agents sell properties once a month or even more often. You can open up your own agency or join in with other sales reps at the same agency. 


You can also decide if you would like to work for a nationally recognized chain. That’s an excellent way to be part of an established company that has name-brand recognition. Many agents find working closely with people to help them find the right place to live or work lets them earn above six figures and do good at the same time.

Medical Device Sales

Medical devices are in high demand. Doctors and other medical professionals need to know all about what devices are on the market. They also need to know what they can do to help their patients. If you have a medical background or you really enjoy the field of medicine, this kind of sales job can be one you can make your own in every way. You’ll also need to be open to learning constantly and have a sense of enthusiasm and fun to make it work.


A job in this field means learning a lot about the devices you’re working with and what they do. Sales representatives are trained in all areas that are related to these items. Once you get a feel for it, this can be a very lucrative job. Many people who opt for this kind of sales can expect a healthy income. Some people work on strict commission while others may work on staff with the chance to earn extra money from their sales efforts. That’s why this is a good option if you really like the process of selling and the field of healthcare.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Modern medicine has done wonders to help patients. Part of this process has been creating lots of highly effective medications. Medications can also alleviate certain symptoms and even cure many medical emergencies. Getting the word out about a new medication or an update of an existing medication takes time and effort. 

This is where those who choose to work in sales in this sector can help with the process. They speak to people who work with patients. They’ll let them know about new medications that can better serve the needs of their patients. They can also help professionals find out more about a given medication and discover if it is going to work for a specific medical condition


Pharmaceutical sales engage in all kinds of processes to provide accurate information. Sales reps speak directly with doctors and researchers. Sales jobs in this field also typically involve attending medical conferences and learning about the process of manufacturing medications and all that goes into them. In doing so, they also share in the profits earned from helping people get better and stay healthy. 


They serve as the connection between the company that makes the products and those who make use of them. This path can be a very high earning one. Many sales experts earn more than a hundred thousand dollars or more each year. That makes this field a particularly good idea for those who are searching for high-paying sales jobs.

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