What Does A VP Of Sales Enablement Do

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A VP of sales enablement related activities will serve as a manager to sales enablement initiatives and assist the sales process whenever they are needed. They are not the director of sales enablement, but they are a direct resource for your sales team.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What sales enablement is

  • Who serves on a sales enablement team

  • Best tips for sales leadership

  • How to optimize sales productivity

Read on to learn all about maximizing sales enablement for your sales organization through a VP and other positions.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales teams with the necessary tools, resources, and content to help them sell more effectively.

These sales enablement tools will help to streamline your sales process, and will also bridge the gap between your different departments within your business.

Your sales enablement teams will be made up of a lot of different individuals, since the process warrants content creators, sales reps, a sales enablement manager, and any other person with strategic vision and the proven ability to work closely with a team.

Your sales enablement programs will improve sales productivity and also provide a track record of sales analytics and sales efficiency.

While the main goal of sales enablement is to help your sales team be more successful at selling, these programs can also hone presentation skills, professional development, and overall sales strategy.

Now that we know a little bit about sales enablement and what it entails, let’s outline exactly what a vice president does within sales organizations, along with the other positions in the system.

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Who Makes Up the Sales Operations Team?

Aside from the VP, sales enablement manager, and sales team, your sales enablement team roles can be filled without whoever your business deems capable and adequate.

Your marketing team will also be incredibly influential in this process, especially when it comes to content creation and making graphics for sales reps.

Any person on your sales enablement team needs to possess strong communication, the ability to build relationships, and the capacity to be an integral part of the process.

Excellent communication will help to strengthen the process, and being receptive to the needs of the others will help make each person valuable and necessary to sales enablement initiatives.

Make sure that each person is responsible for their given tasks and has the ability to lead from the front.

When your sales enablement teams represent your company as a whole, you know you’ve done a great job.

Best Practices for Sales Leadership

Your sales reps are at the heart of this process, so make sure they are taking advantage of the resources given to them.

Aside from the materials and content provided, your sales teams will also have access to advanced analytics and qualitative analytics, meaning that they will have tangible numbers to measure their respective sales success.

These analytics will outline key responsibilities and direct reports will show exactly where each sales rep needs to improve.

In many ways, your sales team will dictate the moving parts of the sales enablement process, so make sure they are taking this role seriously and are taking the strides to improve themselves.

Your sales teams need to take the initiative to improve sales productivity and their own performance throughout this process.

How to Increase Sales Productivity

When it comes to honing sales skills, there are several items for your sales reps to keep in mind to continue striving for improvement.

  • Use the sales content provided to them

  • Take the onboarding program seriously

  • Be great decision makers

  • Use new technology to your advantage

  • Minimize pain points for leads

  • Support other sales reps

  • Refer to data science to improve

When your sales teams are backed by a solid marketing team and the rest of the sales operations crew, they are being set up for success every single day.

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