Sales Enablement Software to Leverage in Your Sales Organization

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The best sales enablement tools that you can use for your business include HubSpot sales hub, Guru, and any other sales intelligence platform that helps deliver consistent messaging and sales content across a consistent marketing enablement platform.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement is

  • How sales enablement tools affect your sales and marketing teams

  • The best sales enablement tools that you should be using

  • What your sales teams need to be implementing for sales enablement functions

Read on to learn what your business should be leveraging when it comes to sales enablement tools and how your sales leaders can benefit from this software.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing resources, content, and customer data driven insights to your sales reps to encourage a more streamlined and effective sales strategy.

A sales enablement tool can do a lot of things for your business beyond simply helping out sales managers.

Here are some items that a solid sales enablement strategy can provide for your business:

  • Providing key customer insights

  • Empowers sales reps to strengthen customer interactions and use sales tools

  • Helps increase efficacy of the sales process

  • Consolidates all items needed for sales asset management

  • Strengthens the sales pipeline

  • Improves certain aspects of the sales cycle through content management and creation

Your sales enablement solution should work to achieve your ultimate goal: help your sales teams to sell better and generate more revenue.

Choose sales enablement software tools that support this goal and are easy to use, and you’ll see your sales productivity improve drastically.

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How Does Sales Enablement Affect Your Sales Team?

If done well, your sales management and tools provided should increase productivity and fuel all aspects of sales performance.

Your business’s sales enablement strategies will help empower sales teams and increase sales effectiveness every day through both the software you choose to employ and the content creation that your marketing teams provide.

Sales enablement tools also extend into sales training, and you should view this as yet another way to improve sales operations and streamline the funnel.

Here are some of the best ways that your sales coaching tools will affect your sales team:

  • Help with sales readiness, especially with new sales reps

  • Sales analytics aid in customer success and customer engagement

  • Provides training materials based on team performance

  • Strengthens customer service teams

  • Streamlines sales processes

  • Provides a guide for sales calls

  • Allows marketing automation to provide insight regarding customer experience

Your sales teams will be greatly affected by your sales enablement tools, especially if you are drawing upon the talents of your marketing teams and operations department during this process.

Sales Enablement Tools You Should Be Using

One of the best sales enablement platforms is HubSpot, a software designed specifically to aid in sales and marketing strategy.

This software tracks sales engagement, sales enablement CRM, and all customer interactions across the platform.

This form of content management is an incredible asset to your business, especially regarding enabling sales and customer facing teams to do their jobs effectively.

While HubSpot is a great choice, there are many platforms out there designed for collecting sales data and aiding in sales enablement.

When you pick a software platform, make sure it does the following:

  • Tracks the success of each sales rep

  • Tracks sales velocity

  • Use sales automation to work without manual programming

  • Consolidated the top sales enablement tools

  • Helps to enable sales reps with content management and customer success

Ultimately, the best sales enablement tools are the ones that work well for your sales teams and your business at large.

You may find that HubSpot does not work for your business, and that is okay. Find a platform that supports your company vision and helps to strengthen your sales strategy every single day.

Ensure that your marketing teams are being used in a beneficial way within the sales enablement process as well.

The content created by your marketers can be leveraged and even given to clients throughout the sales process.

While sales enablement tools are designed to benefit the sales team, your entire business will reap the rewards of a solid strategy.

Revenue will be generated, content will be created, and your sales team will be more prepared to make conversions with your leads.

How Kennected Uses Sales Enablement Software

Here at Kennected, it is especially important for us to have a solid sales enablement program in place to support our sales team.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and the same rings true for us here at Kennected.

A special thing about sales enablement is that this process also unites sales and marketing teams in a way that often does not occur in business today.

Though sales enablement has “sales” in the title, your marketing teams are just as important to the successful execution of this process.

Your marketing automation will be collecting customer data, as well as helping to point out weak points in your strategy for your sales team to capitalize on.

Use sales enablement tools to draw upon the talents of all of your employees.

Above all else, use what works for your business and listen to the needs of your sales teams!

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