What Do Sales Enablement Teams Do

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Sales enablement teams are designed to help sales reps be as effective as they can be throughout the entire sales process. This involves supplying materials, resources, and bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams to create a cohesive sales enablement platform.

Throughout this article, we’ll go over the following concepts in depth:

  • What sales enablement strategy is

  • If you really need a sales enablement team

  • How sales and sales enablement strategy combine

  • Best sales enablement platforms and tools to use

  • Best strategy for success in sales enablement software

Read on to learn all about sales enablement teams, sales reps, and what makes sales enablement important to the success of your business.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing necessary materials and resources to your sales teams in order to increase the effectiveness of the sales process.

This process relies on sales and marketing alignment, and this is especially true when it comes to developing sales enablement solutions and processes.

There are quite a few contributing factors to the success of your sales enablement strategy:

  • Solid sales operations

  • Focusing on the group who owns sales enablement (designated team or individual)

  • Using the talents of marketing and sales teams accordingly

  • Implementing sales enablement properly

  • Focusing on the buying process

  • Strengthening the sales funnel

  • Relying on sales enablement professionals

By using a combination of sales enablement technology and a designated team, your sales enablement strategy will be extremely beneficial to your sales team and help with overall revenue generation.

Now that we know a little bit about what the sales enablement process entails, let’s outline what a sales enablement team does and if this is truly necessary for your business.

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Do I Need a Sales Enablement Team?

Ultimately, it is up to you and your company to decide if a sales enablement team is necessary.

The determining factor here is likely within the talents of your marketing teams.

The sales enablement process depends on your marketing team to deliver sales enablement resources and sales training to the sales force.

If your marketing teams are able to handle this function without issue, then a sales enablement team may not be a necessity for you.

However, if you are seeing weak points in your sales organization, a designated sales enablement team will help you perform the following:

  • Have a set sales enablement manager that sales reps can come to for help

  • Give each sales rep more feedback and criticism to help them improve

  • Helps streamline your sales enablement program

  • Improve sales performance

  • Help provide resources for the buyer’s journey

  • Ensure sales success

  • Help implement sales enablement best practices

A sales enablement team will help to not only streamline your sales enablement processes, but will also alleviate some of the stress from your marketers and help them return their focus to advertising and other areas.

Though marketing and sales teams operate within the same sales enablement space, let’s outline how sales reps and sales enablement groups come together to form a stronger and more cohesive strategy.

How Your Sales Team and Sales Enablement Team Come Together

Sales enablement revolves entirely around your sales team and their efforts, but there should be balance that exists within this system.

It can be tempting to view the sales enablement department as the behind the scenes crew to the sales team stars, but a successful strategy is dependent on striking a 50/50 balance.

Your sales force would not be as successful without sales enablement efforts, and the reverse is true for the designated sales enablement team.

This process is built upon sales communication, and these items should always be centric to your strategy:

  • Partaking in sales coaching

  • Focusing on key sales enablement terms throughout the selling process

  • Viewing sales enablement as an ongoing process

  • Focusing on the customer journey

  • Emphasizing relevant content throughout the process

  • Honing in on sales team performance and sales enablement strategy

  • Smoothing out the sales cycle

  • Using a sales enablement tool to help alleviate sales enablement responsibility

Focus on not only what your sales enablement squad is providing to your sales team, but also how your sales reps are giving the former lots of data to use to create content and fuel the cycle.

View this process as a cycle rather than a give-and-take.

The sales enablement process will be strengthened as a whole when both parties are working together towards the same goals.

What Sales Enablement Tools Should I Use?

There are many tools out there for your sales managers to use and implement into your sales enablement program.

The big thing to consider at this stage is software.

Much of your sales enablement work will be done manually, either through your marketing team or your designated sales enablement representatives.

Using sales enablement software can help expand your strategy and improve it in a variety of ways, depending on what areas you decide to use it for.

  • Marketing automation to help with content creation

  • Graphic creation

  • Client outreach within the sales funnel

  • Sales operations software

  • A database to store sales enablement materials

  • Services that give you access to sales enablement metrics

  • Sales tools like lead flow automation and lead generation tech

Introducing technology into the sales enablement process is something that will both benefit the company and make everyone’s job easier when it comes to this process.

When a sales enablement platform features technology, you are better prepared to train sales reps and have easier access to important data.

However, take the time to find weak points in your existing strategy, and use software to help fill in the gaps.

Don’t jump right into software and expect it to turn your sales strategy around.

The best sales enablement tools draw upon the skills of your teams AND the benefits of your software!

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How Kennected Uses Sales Enablement Strategy

Here at Kennected, we are constantly striving for improvement when it comes to our sales process and generating more revenue.

Sales enablement works best when each department is using their strengths accordingly, and our Kennected teams collaborate very well.

Both sales enablement and lead generation are vital to the success of our company, so we give these areas extra attention, and we’ve seen the benefits of taking the time to nail down our sales enablement tools and strategy.

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