How Do You Structure A Sales Enablement Team

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The best way to structure your sales enablement team members is to examine each of your departments and select a few individuals from each to aid in this process. Sales enablement involves your marketing team, sales reps, sales operations, and a chief enablement officer.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement is

  • Who makes up a sales enablement team

  • Responsibilities of your sales and marketing teams

  • Best practices for sales reps

Read on to learn more about a sales enablement team structure and how best to utilize these programs for your business.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of giving your sales team the necessary resources, materials, and content to help them sell more effectively.

This process includes sales training, sales asset management, and a product marketing team to reach desired outcomes.

Each of your sales enablement programs will be structured in a way that enhances a certain aspect of your sales strategy.

Here are a few items that can be strengthened through a sales enablement team:

  • Streamlined sales process

  • Strengthened sales systems

  • Designated sales enablement teams will work together to best serve clients and leads

  • A set sales enablement program for incoming sales reps

  • Your sales enablement manager can serve as a reference to sales reps and a guide to the sales enablement process

Alongside a sales enablement platform, your sales enablement team will work every single day to improve sales effectiveness and strengthen your sales pipeline.

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Who Makes Up a Sales Enablement Team?

Each sales organization will look a little different, as sales enablement efforts vary from business to business.

With this variance in mind, here are a few suggested roles for your sales enablement team:

  • Director of sales enablement

  • Content specialist (sales enablement)

  • VP of sales enablement

  • Sales coach

  • Program manager

  • Sales manager

Each sales enablement function should be led by a specific individual, and this list is a great place to start mapping out your sales enablement team structure.

Since the sales department owns sales enablement, it is a good idea to have your teams revolve around the sales cycle and sales collateral.

Make sure that each sales interaction is monitored, and that each issue can be directly solved by an individual or group within your sales enablement team.

The titles of these individuals are not important, but rather how they work together to strengthen your strategy and solve sales problems.

Responsibilities of Your Sales Team

Your sales team is at the heart of your sales enablement team, and they will undergo frequent sales training to make sure that they are not only selling effectively, but also supporting the sales operations and efforts going into the process.

Your sales team is responsible for the following items:

  • Using marketing materials in their sales process

  • Supporting the buyer’s journey

  • Speaking with qualified leads

  • Collaborating with multiple departments to meet sales goals

  • Using sales enablement materials provided to them

  • Speaking with the sales enablement director and marketing department often to ensure cohesion of sales strategies

  • Taking sales training seriously and striving for improvement

Your sales team is tasked with a lot, but the sales enablement strategy is designed to support them and allow them the resources to perform their jobs well.

As long as your sales enablement supports your sales team and your sales enablement group is on the same page, your sales reps will be in a great position to sell effectively.

Best Practices for Your Sales Reps

As the heart and soul of your sales enablement programs, your sales reps are integral to your sales enablement programs and will often drive every aspect of your strategy.

Here are some ways that your sales reps can aid your organizational structure:

  • Give feedback on your sales content

  • Increase effectiveness of sales communications

  • Speak with the vice president or any sales enablement field to improve a certain aspect of the strategy

  • Use sales tools in a constructive manner

  • Ensure customer success

  • Facilitate access to sales materials through enablement initiatives

  • Be in tune with buyer needs and establish direct contact with each lead

Large organizations often get lost in these training programs and neglect each enablement person involved in this process.

Keep your sales reps involved and active helps with production of training materials, company culture, product marketing, and overall sales organizations.

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How Kennected Uses Sales Enablement Strategy

Here at Kennected, common sales enablement roles are incredibly important and every single person contributes to our sales enablement strategy.

Your sales teams need support and will benefit from any resources you provide to them.

Sales enablement is not just a sales function, either.

Your marketing team is heavily involved in this process, and much of your operations deployment will also be beneficial to sales enablement.

Bring your sales and marketing teams together on this process, and you’ll see improvements in every aspect of your business. 

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