What Is Sales Enablement In Salesforce

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Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales force with the necessary materials, resources, and content to help your sales team sell more effectively.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement strategy is

  • How your marketing and sales teams contribute to this process

  • Important ideas for your sales reps

  • Best practices for sales teams

Read on to learn all about sales enablement efforts and how you can improve this strategy for your business.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement processes are designed to help your sales teams improve their efficacy through providing necessary materials and resources to them.

What makes sales enablement important is that fact that your sales managers and marketing team are working together to strengthen this process and generate more revenue.

Sales enablement strategy helps your business do the following:

  • Manage each sales conversation

  • Gives each sales rep the sales enablement tools they need to succeed

  • Helps you develop a designated sales enablement plan

  • A sales enablement platform helps provide cohesion and structure to your approach

  • Helps guide marketing materials and the necessity of each sales enablement tool

Having set sales enablement solutions will help your business thrive, and every person involved in this process will have clear expectations for what they need to do to succeed.

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Roles of Sales and Marketing Teams

The sales enablement process is initiated by both your sales and marketing teams.

As a sales enablement team, your marketing and sales departments will need to work together to strengthen the sales cycle and work off of each other daily.

Additionally, it may be a good idea to employ a few designated sales enablement managers to streamline the process.

Each of your sales enablement platforms will need to involve your marketing teams and your sales teams, so let’s take a moment to outline the responsibilities that each department will have.

Your marketing teams will be responsible for the following items:

  • Create sales enablement plans

  • Align sales with marketing communications

  • Create relevant content for new sales reps

  • Provide actionable insights to prospects and customers

  • Create salesforce data and salesforce dashboards

  • Ensure good communication

  • Enforce CRM solution

  • Focus on content marketing

Think of your marketing team as the “front half” of the sales enablement system.

Combined with your sales enablement software, your marketers will be working to create content and produce helpful materials for your sales reps.

The content management system they create will help streamline the sales process.

Your marketers drive success and have a huge impact on this process.

Your sales teams will have the following responsibilities:

  • Being sales enablement leaders

  • Closing deals every single day

  • Focusing on sales activities and ensuring increased revenue

  • Making sure the content creation is valuable to sales goals

  • Supporting buyer’s journey

  • Appealing to modern buyers

Since your sales team’s main priority is selling your products, make sure that the materials your marketing team is providing are aiding them in that goal.

Now that we know a little bit more about the breakdown of responsibilities when it comes to sales enablement, let’s outline some best practices for your sales force.

Best Practices For Your Sales Team

After the marketing materials have been made and distributed, your sales force is now in charge of generating revenue and making sales.

Here are some of the best ways that your sales reps can maximize their efforts:

  • Creates sales enablement teams

  • Write down sales enablement goals so everyone is on the same page

  • Have whole organization meetings to coach reps

  • Study the top companies and their strategy

  • Familiarize new sales reps with the new process

  • Use the right tools to close deals

As the decision makers, your sales team has a very important role in this process.

Encourage frequent communication about this process for your business, and ensure that each department is doing all that they can to strengthen sales enablement.

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