What Does A Director Of Sales Enablement Do?

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The sales enablement manager role is an important one for the sales enablement process. Sales enablement managers will streamline the sales process, run sales training programs, work with sales reps to optimize their efforts, and study sales enablement metrics to ensure that their methods are working.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What sales enablement is

  • The roles of your sales and marketing teams

  • What a sales enablement manager does

  • How your sales enablement team should be structured

Read on to learn all about sales enablement and the roles that come along with the process.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your selling strategy and revenue streamline processes.

Your sales enablement efforts are characterized by providing the necessary resources, materials, and content to your sales team to make sure that they are able to sell effectively.

You will likely need several sales enablement professionals to aid with this process, as it involves more than just your sales teams.

Sales enablement involves tracking sales enablement metrics, monitoring the sales cycle, tracking sales operations, and managing sales performance as well.

A good sales enablement manager will ensure that your sales team is well equipped with sales content and graphics, while also ensuring that your marketing teams are collaborating on necessary content creation for this process.

Before we get into the sales enablement manager job description, let’s outline how the other departments contribute to the entire sales organization and process.

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Roles of Your Sales and Marketing Teams in This Process

When it comes to project management, your sales enablement strategy will be split between your sales and marketing teams.

Your sales team will know the best sales methodologies and be in charge of sales leadership, while your marketing team will be looking into quantitative and qualitative data to see which sales enablement projects need more content or graphics.

Your sales team will be in charge of all things selling, and making sure that they are putting the content and resources provided to them to good use.

Conversely, your marketers will be responsible for the following:

  • Studying sales enablement technologies and their effectiveness

  • Speaking with a sales productivity manager to examine buying and selling processes

  • Continuously optimizing existing approaches

  • Creating a content management system to aid manager success and sales success

  • Change management initiatives when needed

  • Create graphics to illustrate sales support and manage multiple projects simultaneously

Your sales force is at the heart of this process, but your marketers are the driving force and often working diligently to make this process successful.

Encourage frequent communication between sales representatives and marketers to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Additionally, you should be employing sales enablement software to fill in the gaps that your sales reps and marketers are missing in order to aid your overall strategy.

What Does a Sales Enablement Manager Do?

A sales enablement manager, or a revenue enablement manager, is someone that works closely with sales enablement groups to ensure a successful and streamlined process.

As a senior management position, your sales enablement manager will lead developmental sales coaching, instructor led sales training, and serve as a customer success manager as well.

This individual will be primarily focused on business outcomes and performance data, as well as executing change management initiatives when needed.

Your sales enablement manager will also be responsible for the following:

  • Being a sales enablement leader

  • Providing sales support when needed

  • Using exceptional communication skills to help with preparing revenue teams

  • The ability to maximize resource utilization

  • Aid in implementing training programs

  • Work with other key stakeholders to improve the buyer’s journey

As a leader in sales enablement, your director will need to be well attuned to the needs of your sales and marketing departments to ensure the process is working well.

How to Structure Your Sales Enablement Team

We know now that your sales enablement team will consist of a sales enablement manager, your sales team, and your marketing team as well.

Aside from a sales enablement manager, your strategy will be strengthened by a field enablement manager to handle sales initiatives and serve as another resource.

Each sales enablement manager will have a specific role, and it is extremely important to make distinctions within these roles so your sales leaders know who to turn to for help when needed.

Ultimately, it is up to your business and employees to decide how many people should be involved in the sales enablement process.

You may benefit from a designated sales enablement group, or you may decide that having a sales enablement manager is enough to make your strategy work.

Evaluate your strategy frequently and see how your efforts could be improved through experimentation.

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