What Are The Components Of Sales Enablement

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The five main components of sales enablement strategy are training, content, tools, strategy, and metrics. Each of these components combine to form a solid and cohesive sales enablement strategy.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement is

  • What the sales process looks like for your business

  • The role of your sales team in this process

  • The 5 components of sales enablement

Read on to learn all about sales enablement and what strategies you should be using to optimize this service for your business.

What is Sales Enablement?

The sales enablement process involves providing your sales leaders with the necessary tools to succeed and thrive on the sales floor.

While this service is rooted in supporting your sales teams and making sure that your sales reps are able to sell effectively, both your sales and marketing teams are heavily involved in the process.

In order to define sales enablement, let’s outline what this process entails:

  • Monitoring sales performance for the purpose of improving it

  • Maximizing sales productivity

  • Using sales enablement services to provide content management and graphics for the purpose of aiding the sales funnel

  • Having a designated sales management team who owns sales enablement

  • Making your sales organization as cohesive as possible every day

Since a sales enablement strategy is created with your sales teams in mind, it can be useful to employ both sales enablement software and a group of designated sales enablement team members to monitor this aspect of your business.

As long as your sales operations are running smoothly and your sales reps are adequately prepared to do their jobs, your sales enablement strategies are working.

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What Does the Sales Process Look Like?

Now that we know a little bit more about sales enablement tools and how they fit into the process, let’s take a step back and review the sales process.

In order to implement a successful sales enablement strategy, we need to first have a solid grasp on the entire sales process.

The sales process follows this structure:

  1. Your marketing team creates content that is put out onto your social media pages, email marketing threads, and SMS threads for the purpose of lead generation.

  2. Your marketing efforts draw in qualified leads, which are brought from engagement onto a specific landing page.

  3. From there, a sales rep will be having sales conversations with each lead, helping them answer any questions they may have and preparing them for the sales pipeline.

  4. Leads will travel through the sales funnel, using the key sales enablement metrics provided to your sales reps to maximize conversion rates.

  5. Leads are converted from lead into customer!

Sales enablement comes into play during the third step of this process, as sales enablement strategy really focuses on the selling portion rather than the marketing portion of the lead generation process.

Using sales management tools, your sales cycle will improve over time if you possess the necessary components of sales enablement.

Monitoring the success of each sales leader will help you determine which areas need more assistance and which areas are doing well.

Role of your Sales Teams in This Process

Your sales teams are at the center of this process.

Since your sales teams are operating at a critical part of the sales cycle, it is imperative that they are provided with sales content and collaboration tools that drive this process forward.

Aside from selling your product, here is what your sales reps are tasked with daily:

  • Monitoring their own sales productivity

  • Implementing sales enablement strategy into their selling process

  • Supporting each phase of the buyer’s journey

  • Giving leads the right tools for conversion

  • Helping potential customers and other team members

  • Being customer centric at all times to appeal to target audience

Since your sales reps are busy working with potential clients and making conversions, the sales enablement process helps alleviate some of the stress of the job.

Make sure that the sales enablement coaching tools are useful and aiding the buying process, as this is a critical component of your business.

Components of Sales Enablement Strategy

Here are the five components of sales enablement:

  1. Training and Coaching Solutions

  2. Content Management

  3. Tools

  4. Strategy

  5. Metrics

These five elements combine to strengthen your sales enablement strategy and ultimately help to improve sales efficacy as well.

Since steps 3, 4, and 5 are fairly straightforward, let’s outline how training and content management are used within this process.

Sales training is a huge piece of what makes sales reps successful in their work.

A common misconception here is that during the initial training process, each sales rep is given all of the information they need to succeed in their sales conversations.

Sales enablement is an ongoing process, meaning that your sales force will have to go through frequent training and confer often with a sales enablement manager.

Here are some items that will likely inspire new sales coaching solutions:

  • Ensuring vested interest

  • The rollout of new email templates

  • Creating content for product knowledge

  • Training on how to make use of buyer personas

  • Speaking with human resources if necessary

  • Looking over marketing insights

  • Speaking with customer facing teams about new sales processes

Your sales managers will have to consult often with your sales professionals to ensure that everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Ensuring sales success should always be a top priority, and this is best accomplished through introducing new sales tools and constant sales training.

Frequent coaching for your sales team will also be helpful when it comes to content creation.

In addition to content creation geared for lead generation, your marketing team will also be creating graphics and informational content for your sales force to use.

It can be helpful to create a graphic for your leads to look at during the sales process, and it would also be beneficial for your sales reps to have content that they can refer to for help as well.

Provide sales with the right tools for successful sales enablement and the sales content that can help them daily.

With sales and marketing alignment, the right coaching tools, and sales content, your sales force will be in great shape.

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