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Sales enablement in itself is not a commission based process. Since your sales team has commission as a prevalent motivator, sales enablement strategy can involve the leveraging of commission throughout the process.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What sales enablement is

  • Roles of your sales and marketing team in this process

  • Best practices for sales teams

  • How marketing and sales work together to aid the sales process

Read on to learn how sales enablement strategy works and how commission can be used as a motivating factor throughout the process.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the important process of providing your sales reps with the necessary materials, resources, and content needed to help them sell more effectively.

Each sales rep is different in their selling style and success, so a sales enablement strategy needs to be built around the needs of each sales representative separately.

Frequent sales training is crucial to the success of sales enablement, especially when your marketers have produced new sales enablement content for the sales cycle.

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding sales enablement is flexibility.

While commission is a motivating factor for your sales team, you need to constantly be evaluating your sales enablement process to ensure that you are doing everything you can to implement sales enablement best practices.

Now that we know why sales enablement is so important, let’s outline what roles your sales and marketing teams have in this process.

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Roles of Your Sales and Marketing Teams in Sales Enablement Strategy

Since sales processes are driven largely by your sales team, let’s start there.

Aside from selling as effectively as possible, your sales reps are responsible for the following:

  • Streamlining the sales funnel

  • Looking into sales enablement analytics to effectively sell

  • Closing deals through customer conversations

  • Referring back to sales operations when needed

  • Creating sales enablement teams to hold each other accountable

  • Implementing each sales enablement program into their selling strategy

Your sales team owns sales enablement, so make sure that they are using the resources provided to them and providing feedback when necessary.

Since sales enablement is all about strengthening sales effectiveness, ensure that sales departments are collaborating frequently and holding themselves accountable.

Your marketing team also has a critical role in this process.

Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Content creation

  • Speaking with sales professionals to ensure their content is working

  • Using digital marketing practices to generate revenue

  • Studying data driven insights

  • Evaluating the CRM system

  • Producing high quality content for the buyer journey

  • Bridging the gap between the marketing and sales teams

To ensure customer success and cohesion for the entire sales organization, collaboration between the two departments is absolutely essential.

Share valuable insights with your marketing teams to demonstrate efficacy of their content creation.

Use automation tools to track success of each sales rep and use these metrics to improve their strategy.

Sales enablement is a group effort, so be sure to utilize the talents of everyone involved.

Best Practice for Sales Teams

Your sales team is at the heart of this process, so it is extremely important to save time whenever possible and think of the bigger picture.

Your sales representatives need more resources to create an iterative process, so create content accordingly and establish a feedback system to support this communication.

When selling your product or service, make sure your sales reps keep these items in mind:

  • Using commission as a motivating factor

  • Remembering their key role on the buyer’s journey

  • Keeping sales goals in mind

  • Making sure that everyone in sales enablement is on the same page

  • Speaking with sales managers to strengthen their own selling strategy

  • Making more deals using content creation

  • Using sales content accordingly

Make sure your sales team is intrinsically motivated to perform well, but use commission as a way to leverage their efforts.

Since your sales force is driving your revenue and overall business venture, give your sales team the proper resources to succeed.

Motivate them to perform well and make sure they want to do their best every single day.

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