What Is The Safest Way To Automate LinkedIn Outreach?

Automating your LinkedIn outreach is the best way to save time while reaching more of your target audience. But if you’re not using the best automation tool, your LinkedIn profile could be at risk.

If you try to connect with people and they don’t accept it, LinkedIn might think you are a spammer. You might end up in LinkedIn Jail—which is just another way of saying your account has been restricted or suspended by LinkedIn.

As someone who wants to make the most out of LinkedIn, ending up in LinkedIn Jail is the last thing you need. What a lot of people don’t know is that when LinkedIn users click “I don’t know this person” on a connection request, it’s the same as marking them as spam. If you get a lot of these responses, your LinkedIn account could get restricted.

So how do you automate your LinkedIn outreach safely? Answer: use Kennected.

Kennected is THE SAFEST Way to Send Automated LinkedIn InMails

Kennected is the tool to use if you want the safest way to automate your LinkedIn outreach.

Safe LinkedIn automation is all about engagement. If you can get people to respond to your InMails, then your LinkedIn account will stay safe. But let’s face it: that’s not a very easy thing to do.

If you’ve had campaigns where no one bothered to reply to your messages, then you may be doing something wrong. Common mistakes made by marketers include being overly sales-y and sending generic connection messages. Getting little to no replies will lead to LinkedIn suspending your account.

There are a number of ways Kennected keeps your LinkedIn account safe. First of all, it lets you use LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to target the right audience. If you’re reaching out to the right people, you’re already improving your chances of getting a response.

Kennected also lets you personalize your InMails. You need to personalize your messages so that people don’t think you are a spammer. Do some research on your target audience and adjust your message accordingly.

After setting up your sequence, Kennected will send connection messages to everyone you want to target. Kennected sends messages automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them yourself.

To increase your chances of getting a response, you can also set up and schedule personalized follow-ups. Sometimes people just forget to answer, and these follow-ups will come in handy. Kennected has a reply detection feature that automatically stops future follow-ups once the recipient answers.

Although you are automating the outreach process, Kennected understands the importance of building genuine relationships on LinkedIn. That’s why when a person replies, you can hop into the conversation and start creating that relationship.

Kennected saves a lot of time by allowing you to focus on conversations and relationship building. Instead of spraying and praying on LinkedIn, you can work on converting more leads. That is the power of Kennected.

How to Avoid Being Spammy When Using LinkedIn Automation​

People are sick of reading the same old messages from marketers over and over again. But Kennected gives you access to high-quality scripts and templates that you can customize accordingly.

Your message will stand out if you can interrupt their thinking process. Imagine your target scrolling their InMail aimlessly. What can you say or put in your headline that will catch their attention?

Make use of the qualities that set you apart from the competition. An interesting headline will make them click on your message. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel—you just need to find a way to stand out.

Always adjust your message according to who you are talking to. People love it when you talk to them instead of selling things outright. Depending on who you’re talking to, you may use a more formal or a more casual tone.

Focus on developing that relationship. Don’t treat them like a customer, even though your goal is to eventually convert them. Build trust by giving them value. What this value is will depend on what you can offer, but people always like free stuff. You can teach them for free, share your expertise, solve their problem, give them a promo code, etc.

Once you’ve built that relationship, try to maintain it. Don’t just pop in every now and then to sell to your clients. Actively work on developing that connection. That’s how you build your own community on LinkedIn.

Use Kennected to enjoy the safest LinkedIn automation tool in the market. Book a demo today to learn more!

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