What Are The Rules of Marketing?

Table of Contents

The rules of marketing include:

  1. Defining Your Target Audience

  2. Developing Brand Awareness

  3. Use Customer Testimonials

  4. Create Relevant Content

  5. Stand Out From The Competition

  6. Create A Solid Website

  7. Include Mobile Marketing

  8. Engage With Customers

  9. Listen To Customers

  10. Ensure Quality Customer Service

  11. Don’t Request Advocacy Too Soon

The internet has made it much easier for businesses to communicate with potential customers and clients, which has made modern marketing much easier for anyone who wants to get involved in it.

But with all this new technology at our disposal, aspiring marketers have lost sight of the basics.

The real concern is that many seem to forget the key fundamental questions and rules that any business must ask before it can be seen as a serious player in the e-commerce space.

Marketers must develop a dedication to the entities they’re trying to reach and avoid treating them like drops in a proverbial bucket.

Admittedly, the golden rules that follow are straightforward, hence the title.

We purposely wrote these not in great detail but rather at a high level to not over-complicate things — something we humans tend to do far too often.

These 11 savvy marketing strategies can make it easier for brands to build better customer relationships.

They can also help brands develop digital marketing that’s on-trend and in tune with the needs of their target audiences.

Why Do Sales Matter?

Sales help us bring you the timely, quality, and relevant content that you expect from ACBJ, including trustworthy and interesting advertisements.

They support us in many ways, such as by allowing us to better understand your interests, make sure you see content that is relevant to you, and generate revenue.

Electronic transmissions can get the job done to a certain extent; however, they remain one of the most impersonal methods of communication.

Know Your Target Audience

Understand, know, and feel your target market. Before you do anything else, know your target market inside and out.

  • What is their pain point that you solve?

  • Where do they engage media and advertising?

  • What do they like to do?

  • What do they think like?

  • What do they do?

Make Yourself Known

People are only going to do business with people they trust. For that reason, any business trying to market itself to the public needs to make itself known.

The marketer will have to present the business’s most genuine side to find common ground with their audience.

The individuals being marketed to will not need to know everything about the business — they will need to know enough to determine whether it can be trusted.

General brand awareness is great to get the conversation flowing, but without the key information of what the sales teams are selling, you are shooting blind.

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Your Best Customers Are Your Highest-Performing Salespeople

You’ve seen the evidence: your best customers, also known as advocates, are hands down your highest sales performers.

I won’t bore you with the mountains of data on this topic, rather share some of the most commonly quoted stats:

  • A 12% increase in advocacy can drive a 2x increase in revenue growth.

  • Ninety-two percent of buyers trust recommendations from people they know.

Use Testimonials In Your Marketing Strategy

Encourage customers to share their experiences and spread the good word about your brand.

Personal recommendations are one of the most trusted and influential forms of marketing, in addition to being free of charge yet full of benefits.

Distribute Relevant Content In Your Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a fickle beast. First, infographics were the cool thing. Now, it’s videos. Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms (keeping business owners like you and me on our toes).

The same goes for Google.

One of the unchangeable rules of marketing is that you must use personal context in your marketing efforts to receive the highest quality results.

Keep the content fresh, original, and interesting to maximize engagement and increase the likelihood that customers will share it with their social media networks.

The difference now is how you plan to deliver that context in a relevant way. This means you need to be more aware of the needs of your client and consumer than ever before.

Continue to provide well-researched content for your clients to drive organic growth, and update what isn’t working to keep your quality consistent.

Stand Out From Competition

Marketing can’t fix a business problem. This doesn’t make me popular, but it does make me realistic. All the marketing in the world won’t fix a completely messed up business.

Build a strong competitive differentiation.

If you and every one of your employees and partners can’t answer why your market would pick you over your competitors, how do you expect marketing to be effective?

Or even the business to be effective? Enable innovation, don’t try to force it. Real innovation is creative, addresses an actual problem, and isn’t forced.

Deliver A Spectacular Website

The most important tool in any marketer’s locker is the company website.

When you have spent time creating great and accurate content, do not forget about it.

Google, and other search engines, are designed to check websites often for new content and ensure your “old” content is updated and accurate.

No matter what you are promoting, your website is the end platform that most of your potential customers will find you.

Mobile Marketing Is A Must In Digital Marketing

The ubiquity of mobile devices has redefined marketing today and made it easier than ever for brands to connect with consumers at any place and any time.

Take advantage of mobile technology by developing mobile marketing campaigns and websites for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices so consumers can experience the brand on the go.

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Collaborate And Engage Through Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing should include authenticity and transparency each time you engage with your audience.

Look at the conversations in your network and think of ways your company can contribute valuable information.

Listening Is Important

The internet has made it easier to hear what customers are saying and sharing about a brand, so pay attention to their conversations throughout online review sites, social media networks, community message boards, and other digital forums.

Listen closely to learn a lot about how the brand is perceived and ways it can be improved.

Provide The Best Customer Service

You have formulated and implemented a marketing strategy that has led to sales and the inevitable customers your business now has on board.

Although the hard work in gaining new customers will lead to more coming as your brand grows, maintaining the users you already have will have a major lasting impact on what your business needs to achieve.

Use Surveys

Regularly check in with your customers by sending them surveys to learn more about the experiences they’ve had with your products and services.

For those who respond positively, contact them to request a review. Those who respond negatively, take the chance to resolve any issues they have.

Get Creative

Forget about informing your customers, be smart about it.

Many marketers and business owners stick to “safe” marketing because they want to portray a professional image or are afraid of trying different things.

They’re forgetting that unless you take a risk with marketing and do something different, you risk getting forgotten along with the rest.

Yes, your product or service has many benefits, but that doesn’t mean that you need to go on and on about every one of them.

Simply listing all your product or service features is an amateur marketing mistake. Instead, sell people how you can solve their problem, especially a painful one.

A1 Garage

For example, at A1 Garage, they pride themselves on the high-quality materials that their garage doors are made of.

But rather than talking about that, they focus on selling how garage doors provide security.

Apple iPod

Another example would be when iPod struck gold in 2001 with the slogan: “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Your customers’ actions speak louder than their words. Have you ever experienced this? You survey your customers to ask whether they’d buy a new product.

The response is positive, and you launch the product, only to have it fail spectacularly.

While that’s super frustrating (and has happened to me as well), the key is that your customers’ actions speak louder than their words.

Don't Request Advocacy Too Soon

Advocates are 2–3 times more effective than non-advocates when persuading others to make a purchase.

Given today’s social networks, buyers share their opinions with thousands, even millions of others.

And buyers trust each other more than they trust marketers.

Don’t offend a buyer by requesting their advocacy too soon, i.e., after their first purchase or five seconds after purchase.

This will vary by industry (e.g., professional services buyers are far more sensitive to this rule than buyers of fast-moving consumer goods), so use your smarts to determine the right timing.

Segment your brand advocates since their level of enthusiasm indicates how far they are willing to go in their support.

Since the professional life of the marketer is so fast-moving, they tend to apply this hectic way of doing business to their interactions with their audience.

The marketer must understand the speed of their audience and operate at that level. Moving too quickly through the process has the potential to be off-putting.

Businesses’ relationships with their clients are more important than anything else. They have to be maintained at all costs.

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Customers Determine Your Success

Customers define success as the simple act of giving their money in exchange for a product or service. If they give their money, the company is successful.

If they do not, the company is not successful (at least with that customer). For marketers, success is finding more and more people who will give their money.

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Kennected realizes that you need solid relationships to become successful, and those relationships don’t come with lead generation.

Our automated solutions guarantee success, as you can see from the opinions expressed by many users.

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