What is the ROI on Email Marketing

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The ROI of email marketing stands for “return on investment.” Your email marketing statistics will tell you how your marketing automation is functioning, as well as your email ROI.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What ROI of email marketing stands for

  • How to interpret an email marketing ROI

  • How to create a solid email marketing strategy

  • Best practices for email marketing campaigns

  • How to increase traffic through digital marketing tactics and marketing emails

  • How Kennected uses email marketing software to strengthen digital marketing channels

Read on to learn the answer to the question “What is the ROI on email marketing?” as well as how email marketing remains a staple for marketing efforts for every business.

What Does ROI Stand For?

ROI stands for return on investment.

In simple terms, every business practice or software implementation has an ROI number attached to it.

The higher the ROI metric is, the better this certain facet of business is working.

Ideally, you want to have a low investment practice with high return.

When you have a high return on investment, you are making profits or succeeding in some area.

Let’s outline how ROI pertains to direct mail and how email marketing can benefit the marketing funnel.

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What an Email Marketing ROI Means

The email marketing ROI is how much revenue is being generated through your email campaigns and marketing automation.

This metric may also include the median email marketing ROI, as well as any other digital marketing channel that is being utilized.

Each email marketing campaign has the potential to create email generated sales, and this is still a valuable part of content marketing and customer retention.

Here are a few other items that the email marketing ROI takes into account:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Google analytics

  • Email revenue

  • Click through rates

  • Net gain for survey respondents

  • Lead acceleration

  • Brand awareness through email analytics

Your email marketing stats are what make your ROI a valuable insight.

Let’s review how a solid email marketing strategy helps your social media management and how to best spend your marketing dollars.

How to Make a Solid Email Marketing Strategy

A solid strategy for email marketing starts with automation.

Automation tools help you concentrate your email marketing efforts with templates and guidelines.

You are able to maintain near constant contact with your email users through automation tools and software.

With a software implementation, you have a built-in campaign monitor that records the tendencies of email subscribers.

Automation will drive sales.

It can track success and monitor loyal customers.

The modern marketer knows the benefits of automation tools, especially when it comes to email marketing and getting the best return on investment.

Best Practices for Email Marketing Campaigns

An email campaign will only succeed if you have a clear mission and goal within it.

First, think about how your current customers like to receive communications.

Model these tendencies in your email campaigns.

Additionally, you want to have valuable information within your emails to have a high click through rate.

You can also be thinking about lead generation and new customers in this process.

One of the benefits of email marketing is that your email campaigns are relatively low cost, meaning that each dollar spent will most likely be returned to you and multiplied.

When you include brand awareness and other valuable information in your email campaign, you’ll see great results.

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How to Increase Website Traffic Through Email Marketing ROI Efforts

One of the best ways to increase website traffic through email marketing ROI is to include other elements of your business into your campaigns.

Engage current customers with social media posts.

Include links to your website.

Make your emails accessible on mobile devices.

Include signup forms for various items in your emails.

Appeal to more customers every message with latest posts included.

Be intentional with your email marketing and you’ll see a great return on investment (ROI).

How Kennected Uses Email Campaigns to Strengthen Digital Marketing Strategy

Here at Kennected, we have seen the benefits of email marketing firsthand.

Utilize transactional emails for spending and a weekly newsletter to keep your client base informed.

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