How To Recruit Real Estate Agents Using LinkedIn

As a broker, it is important to learn how to recruit and retain top real estate agents. In order to do this, brokerages need to develop a clear value proposition to present to potential agents. This will show them how working for that brokerage will further propel their real estate careers.

There are many things you can do to recruit more real estate agents: offer competitive industry tools, support an agent’s personal brand, work towards a collaborative workplace culture, etc.

On top of all these efforts, you should also start using LinkedIn. This massive platform for professionals is one of the best places to find real estate agents to recruit.

How to Use LinkedIn to Recruit Real Estate Agents

When using LinkedIn to recruit real estate agents, think of it as acquiring leads. LinkedIn is actually the perfect platform for lead generation as it has a more professional focus. People are not looking to socialize on this site, unlike other social networking platforms. Instead, they are looking to connect with people they can work with.

There are two ways to boost your lead generation on LinkedIn: one passive and one proactive approach. You need to use both in order to recruit more real estate agents for your brokerage.

The passive approach is to set up your profile efficiently, so that visitors know exactly who you are as soon as they see your profile. Make sure to include all the necessary information so that agents can immediately tell how you can help them boost their own career.

Establish yourself as an authority figure in your field in order to build trust. For this, you can use LinkedIn’s features. LinkedIn supports two kinds of content: posts and articles. By posting high quality content regularly, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader. You are boosting your credibility.

While having an excellent profile can surely attract more people, you will still have to reach out and be proactive on LinkedIn.

How to Pitch Real Estate Agents to Join Your Brokerage via LinkedIn

One of the best ways to be proactive on LinkedIn is to post a job. You can include the skills, qualifications, education, and other qualifications to find the most suitable candidates.

You can also use Kennected to find highly qualified leads using its laser accurate data, to get in front of your ideal targets. Not only does Kennected find leads for you, it also helps you reach out to them by setting up and sending personalized messages. If they don’t respond right away, you can still schedule personalized follow-ups using Kennected.

This personalized touch will ensure that your messages don’t feel like spam, so that real estate agents are more likely to respond to them.

Provide Value by Building a Relationship before the Pitch

Before you pitch, try to provide value and build a relationship on LinkedIn first. Put your culture and your agents on display to demonstrate the value of your brokerage. This will help convince candidates that your business and brand are worth their time and investment.

Don’t underestimate the value of the agents you already have. They are some of your most valuable resources for recruiting. By providing value for your agents, your brokerage will grow its own set of advocates for your brand.

Give Them Reasons to Join You

There are plenty of ways to convince real estate agents to join you. You must heavily focus on “showing” not telling. They will see the value of your brand if you put it on display, rather than just trying to convince them with words.

You could entice them with better leads coming in, or better culture, or higher commissions—it all depends on your brand and strategy. Your culture needs to show candidates the advantages of joining your team. Start a culture blog or post content through LinkedIn. This will allow candidates to see your culture before deciding to join you. Put your agents front and center by celebrating their successes. Recognize the little victories as much as your biggest milestones.

LinkedIn is already a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation. But you can boost that even further by using Kennected. Book a demo today and learn more about how Kennected can help you recruit more real estate agents.

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