How To Rank On LinkedIn

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Here are some tips for how to rank higher on LinkedIn’s search results:

  • Optimize your profile page

  • Remain active on LinkedIn

  • Create backlinks

  • Publish LinkedIn articles

If you are looking to make connections and expand your network, LinkedIn is the best platform for it. This social networking site is unique because it is focused on developing business and professional relationships. This is why LinkedIn is perfect for finding new career opportunities.

It also works well for marketers and business owners because LinkedIn’s professional user base is a great source of leads. If you want to reach more people and increase your revenue, you want to rank high in LinkedIn search results.

Linkedin can be a valuable tool, but it is essential to gain visibility for your profile by ranking on Google.

Aside from networking, LinkedIn is a powerful search engine that can drive targeted traffic right to your profile, improve your SEO, and let you rank on Google.

If you don’t see your LinkedIn ranking on Google, maybe it’s time to make it into a lead-generating, ranking-boosting marketing tool.  

Have you ever wondered about the order in which LinkedIn search results appear?

You see, LinkedIn has its algorithm, too, just like Google. I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Do you think it’s just for blogs and websites?

Your LinkedIn profile works the same way. We’ll discuss that in detail below, when we talk about how to rank higher on LinkedIn. 

Today we will discuss how to use SEO or search engine optimization to rank higher in LinkedIn search results. 

Achieving a high rank will help you increase brand awareness, reach a larger audience, and boost your sales.

Why LinkedIn?

Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into much more than a job board. The professional networking site is used by 93% of lawyers and over 700 million people globally.

You can use it to build your business, hire employees and find clients

You don’t want to miss out on the recruiter’s attention when they search LinkedIn!

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How To Rank On LinkedIn For Searches: LinkedIn SEO

Like with your website, SEO also plays an important role in LinkedIn marketing. 

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with keywords will help you rank higher, allowing you to appear in search results.

These people conducting searches online are high-quality leads because they are already interested in your industry, product, or service. They are also doing their research. 

If you can show up in their search results, connecting with them will be easier and eventually convert them into paying customers.

SEO is all about using the right keywords. Ranking high on LinkedIn creates a stream of leads, and generates more conversions. 

Think of what people type into the search bar when looking for people in your industry. 

Make sure you sprinkle those keywords and phrases all over your profile and content to maximize your chances of showing up in search results.

Optimize Your Profile Page

Google may be unable to index your profile if it has high privacy settings. Check that Google can find each section of your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile can get better search visibility if you add smart SEO.  

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile means going beyond the default settings, and you have a lot of space here. 

Visitors make snap judgments about you based on your profile section, for better or worse. That’s why every bit of your profile counts.  

LinkedIn search optimization might seem boring initially, but it pays off in the end. 

Start With Your Profile Photo

Make yourself seem approachable to prospective clients. You want a professional image. Use a smiley headshot, wear professional clothes, and have a simple background.

Taking your profile photo is recommended, so your face takes up more than half the frame. Fit your background to your profession, and make it appealing to your target audience.

Don’t forget to name images with SEO keywords before posting them.  

Insert A Strategic Cover Photo

Cover photos (or banner photos) run across the top of your LinkedIn page; if you choose the default image, you’re missing out. 

You can make a compelling, professional image using a free design app like Canva. 

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Your Headline

Because your headline is the first thing people see when they visit your LinkedIn profile, it seems like it should be the most important. 

You are missing the most important part if your headline doesn’t include your keywords.


Summaries are like the body of your profile. Make sure it looks clean, and don’t just put a bunch of key words next to each other.  

Optimize Your About Section

Your LinkedIn page should be more than just an online resume. It should represent you, your brand, your qualifications, and your message. 

Optimize your page to create the best impression on your visitors.

The default headline set by LinkedIn will always be your current job title. But you can change this to something catchier or more creative. 

Write something that will grab your audience’s attention while giving them an idea about the value that you bring. 

Your current job position isn’t necessarily what you want to be known for, so make sure you change it into a compelling title.

Even if there are multiple skills or titles that you want to highlight, go for it. You can always give them more details through your summary section. 

Use your headline to highlight your value and capture their attention. Then use your Summary to tell your story.

Your summary is where you support your headline and share your experience. Give them a description of your qualifications. 

This section should be around three to five paragraphs. Keep them short and to the point. 

Highlight your past roles, and don’t forget to include your skills in the skills section.

As a bonus tip, LinkedIn allows you to create a custom URL for your profile. Creating one for your profile or business page will help you rank higher in organic search results.

Current Work Experience

Your current job is the next most relevant thing because it’s what you’re doing in business right now.  

Ensure Your Profile Is 100% Complete

Check the bar on the right to ensure your profile is 100% complete. It shows you how much of your profile is complete based on the information you’ve provided.

Regarding the search results, a 100% complete ‘Expert’ profile ranks higher than one that’s not. 

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Publishing LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles don’t get a lot of organic views, but Google indexes your articles. You can write articles around your keywords or key phrases.

Make sure you put them in the title and headings of your articles. You can add your name and keywords to the Alt Text, which Google indexes for image searches. 

Due to LinkedIn SEO, LinkedIn is one of the most popular sites in the world based on domain authority. Domain authority is a link-based metric that models how Google ranks websites.

LinkedIn has a high domain authority, so your post will rank faster than your site (unless you have an authoritative site). 

Why Are Keywords Important?

You need keywords because they streamline your search. You’ll get the top results on LinkedIn only if you put the right keywords in.

You can add keywords to your profile if you want to rank for a term (but only when it makes sense) 

PPC, digital media, online marketing, SEO, SEM, etc., could be a few keywords to use if you’re into digital marketing. Check out job openings in the same field to brainstorm more ideas.

Get Backlinks To Your LinkedIn Profile

Backlinks can improve your Google search results and make your LinkedIn profile look more professional.  

As Google sees you as a trusted source, you’ll get more traffic, exposure, and clients.

You can build backlinks to your LinkedIn profile by posting a link on your website or blog.  

Writing a guest post and putting a link in the author’s bio is another way to build more backlinks.  

LinkedIn is also an excellent place to repurpose content.

If you have a great post on your blog that’s fallen back to page 17 but still offers valuable insight, include a synopsis of that post on LinkedIn and link back to it.

It will rank your LinkedIn profile higher on Google.

Here are some ideas for ideal LinkedIn content:

  • Commentary on industry research or news

  • Case studies of how your product or service helped someone Lists, which are quick, user-friendly reads

  • Guides or how-tos that show your expertise

  • Helpful hints

Does LinkedIn Have A Ranking System?

LinkedIn used to assign users a rank within their network.

LinkedIn removed this feature since it was rather arbitrary ranking based largely on the number of connections you had rather than the quality of the connection or engagement.

LinkedIn does offer a ranking called the “Social Selling Index” (LinkedIn’s SSI).

According to LinkedIn, those elements are:

  • Establish your professional brand

  • Complete your profile with the customer in mind

  • Become a thought leader by publishing meaningful posts

  • Find the right people

  • Identify better prospects in less time using efficient search and research tools

Build Relationships

Strengthen your network by connecting and establishing trust with decision-makers. Social selling removes the “salesy” part of sales and instead focuses on building relationships.
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Get a Group Together to Boost Likes, Comments, and Shares

Because engagement is essential, you can creatively use your network to boost your ranking. 

Create a group using your LinkedIn network and encourage members to like, comment, and share each other’s posts. This way, everyone can benefit and improve their rankings.

The LinkedIn algorithm heavily favors content that has tons of engagement. 

You can rank consistently high if you can get your social circle to engage with your posts regularly. 

Return the favor when they share posts so you can all enjoy the benefits.

The more people you have in this group, the more engagement you can secure for each post. 

It gives your content a “head start” before reaching a larger audience outside your network.

Use LinkedIn As Part of A Multi-Channel Lead Generation Campaign

Although LinkedIn can be a great lead generation tool, there are some drawbacks to using it alone as your main lead generation channel. 

When you rely on any single platform, you might run into restrictions, the platform might go down, or something might go wrong.  

Stay Active On Your LinkedIn Page

Post regular updates on your industry or job profile. Participate in forums, and post blogs, or status updates about anything relevant to your career. 

Active people rank higher than inactive ones. This doesn’t guarantee first place, but it sure improves your chances.  

Respond to People on Your Posts, and Respond to People on Their Own Posts

The LinkedIn algorithm rewards posts with lots of comments and likes, so you want to get people to comment on your posts. 

When people respond to your content in a meaningful way, be sure to reply to them. Come up with a thoughtful response and try to start an organic conversation.

Not only will this encourage people to respond, but it will also show them that you are approachable. 

You can hit two birds with one stone by improving your rankings and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

But you can take it even further than that. Don’t wait for people to find your posts: read other people’s content and reply to their posts. 

It will show that you care about your community, and catch that person’s attention. It’s a good way to get on their radar.

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Get Testimonials with Keywords You Want to Rank for in the Review

You can apply the same principle to your testimonials and recommendations. Don’t just wait for others to praise you online. 

Ask for testimonials from the people you’ve worked with. These people already know your value—all they have to do is write about it. 

Try to get a genuine response from them.

You can even write a testimonial for them so that they would return the favor. And while you’re at it, encourage your network to include certain keywords in their review. 

It would be extremely helpful if they could mention your keywords in their review because this also helps boost your rankings.

When testing all these different ranking strategies, check your analytics to see if they are working in your favor. Use data to analyze what works and what doesn’t. 

This will also help you optimize your keyword usage. 

LinkedIn provides analytic reports for personal profiles and company pages—with more data made available when you subscribe to their LinkedIn Premium plans.

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