PTO Turns Out To Be Popular Amongst Employees

The Coronavirus Crisis Select Subcommittee examined which workers had access to paid leave during the pandemic, & how they dealt with it. 

From 2019 to 2021, they tracked 12 of the country’s biggest employers & their layoffs.

Employees who don’t get paid leave are up to 4x more likely to quit than those who do. Over a third of female hourly workers without paid leave quit one company, the report analyzed in 2020. 

At that company, just 12.4% of female hourly workers quit. 

Here’s what the article states –

“Workers who took this leave received raises and promotions at higher rates than workers who did not,” the report says, “which may indicate that workers’ performance improved as a result of taking the leave, perhaps due to reduced stress and burnout.”

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However, male workers benefited more from taking leave — they were more likely to get promotions than women who took time off. It speaks to some of the structural inequities still present for women in the workforce, who faced especially difficult struggles at work during the pandemic.

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