ProspectIn Vs. Kennected | What Is The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool?

LinkedIn automation tools can make life easier for marketers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and just about every other professional in any industry today. This is because cold calling and manual prospecting are no longer considered effective. These old methods may still work, but they are time-consuming, exhausting, and not as efficient as newer techniques. Automation tools make it possible to finish tasks easily, so that you can focus on more pressing issues. The only challenge is actually picking the right automation tool for your business. Here we are comparing two widely used automation tools on LinkedIn—Kennected and ProspectIn—to see which one is right for you.

ProspectIn Comparison to Kennected

At a glance, ProspectIn is an easy to use, smart automation tool that helps users grow their connections, build stronger relationships, and generate more revenue. ProspectIn does this using its Auto Visit, Bulk Connect, and Bulk Message features, which are all useable right from the same interface. Kennected, on the other hand, is also an automation tool that has many of the same features and functions as ProspectIn. The key difference is that Kennected takes a personalized approach to every single campaign, which makes it suitable for all kinds of professionals.

What ProspectIn Offers

ProspectIn can automate the prospecting process and secure hundreds of ‘warm’ leads with just 15 minutes a day. It is a reliable tool that ‘simulates’ human behavior so that the account remains under LinkedIn limits even when automating tasks. It is a valuable add-on especially for those who are looking to expand their prospecting efforts on LinkedIn.

ProspectIn has targeting management features that let you use different campaigns depending on your list of prospects. This helps boost your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn.

Another interesting feature is its dashboard. It allows users to view their daily activity, track statistics from unlimited campaigns, and see what messaging works best.

What Kennected Offers

While ProspectIn has its uses, Kennected simply takes LinkedIn automation to a whole new level. Its laser accurate data, for starters, fine tunes all outreach efforts so that you can find the perfect clients. Kennected helps you find ideal clients and connect with them using its 30+ proven scripts. With Kennected, you can set up invite messages, personalize them, and schedule each one to be sent out automatically. You can add placeholders and send up to 100 new invitations. It also lets you send personalized follow-up messages for people who have connected but are yet to respond. You can set up to six different follow-up messages for each person. Personalizing messages and follow-ups is what makes LinkedIn automation much more effective than cold emails and calls that feel like spam. People are more likely to respond to personalized messages. But Kennected makes it so that you don’t have to waste time sending them one by one. Once you have set up the messages, you are ready to launch your campaign. Hit Start and just wait for the responses and connections to come rolling in.

Why Kennected Is the Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

Kennected and ProspectIn are tools that can visit profiles, send connection requests, and even follow up-messages if the person does not respond. But with Kennected, you can easily automate your outreach, personalize your follow-ups, and focus on building real relationships. This leads to new revenue streams for you and your business.

Simple tasks like sending connection requests can get tedious very quickly, especially if you are doing it manually. It can get very frustrating, especially if people don’t even respond.

But Kennected knows that the right way to do it is by using data to find the right customers and targets for your message. When it comes to lead generation, Kennected is one of the best tools out there.

Kennected understands the importance of automating the right tasks. Not everything should be automated. Real conversations with leads, for example, should not be automated because social selling is all about making connections and building rapport.

Why Our Onboarding Process Is Superior

Kennected’s onboarding process is second to none. What gives it the edge is the fact that it looks at each campaign on an individual level and recognizes each customer’s unique needs and goals. Kennected structures campaigns around that. Be sure to check your messages and calendar platform every now and then. If you follow Kennected’s onboarding process, you should start seeing results within a few days. With proven and effective sales scripts that can be personalized, targets are more likely to respond and make the connection. Kennected brings you a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having success with Kennected.

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