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Cloud Kennect
Connect & Set Meetings With Your Ideal Audience Using the #1 LinkedIn Outreach Tool

Kennected & LinkedIn help you fine tune your outreach based on data. Don’t waste time spraying and praying. Use laser targeted outreach to get you better results. Cloud Kennect is the #1 LinkedIn Automation Tool for growing your business.

Kennected Video

Kennected Video
Add Your Personalized Video Messages to Cut Through the Noise

Kennected Video is the easiest way to send customized outreach videos for email marketing as and LinkedIn InMail. Create engaging videos via our app or chrome extension. Share your screen and face, or a just show one or the other. 

Kennected Calendar
Stop Wasting Time & Start Booking Appointments

Hate wasting time trying to figure out a time that works for you and someone else? We do too. That’s why we created Kennected Calendar: the simplest way to arrange meetings or events. We eliminated the back and forth hassle by letting you schedule appointments and meetings based on all parties’ availability. Best of all, it syncs with Google Calendar with more to come.

Kennected Calendar Dashboard
Kennected Celebrating Grand Opening Of Office

How to Succeed with Kennected

Our clients that have the greatest success with Kennected have taken full advantage of all that our platform has to offer, not just the automation. When you sign on with our team, you get access to a wealth of sales knowledge. From educational material on copywriting, personal branding, and how to build robust and profitable relationships, Kennected is your hub for success on LinkedIn. When you incorporate Kennected’s in-depth skills-building content alongside LinkedIn automation, you are setting yourself up for increased lead flow and deeper sales funnels. Enterprise solutions for large companies seeking SaaS products and marketing to help scale sales are also available. 

Our Goals

Your Success is Our Top Priority

We set out to create a LinkedIn automation platform that actually works. That actually gets you more leads. That actually increases your sales funnel. We developed Kennected to make sure that business owners and sales pros like you succeed.

Along the way we found we needed other tools, as did our customers to make the sales and appointment process easier. Our main goal is to help people build relationships and make the sales process easier. 

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