Preparing for Championship Season in Sports & Business

August is an exciting month for sports, and this is especially true for the world of baseball.

While many leagues are gearing up for preseason and training camps, baseball has been in full swing for several months now and August marks the beginning of championship season.

A recent article by CBS marks the excitement of this time period with predictions and wildcard rankings at this current stage of the season.

“Now that we’re in the middle of August — the good ol’ “Dog Days” — I’ve found myself for the first time this season starting to think ahead to the Wild Card Series. For the second time in history, and the first time with a full regular season and full ballparks of hometown fans, we’re going to see multiple series before the divisional round. 

Knowing just how exciting playoff baseball can be and how much fun those four-game playoff days in the divisional round are (that Friday was one of my favorite days of the calendar year), we’re likely in for a treat. The potential for insanity exists. 

As a reminder, the new playoff format has the top two division winners in each league getting a bye and surpassing the wild card round. The third division winner will host the third wild-card team in a three-game series while the top wild-card team hosts the second wild card in a three-gamer as well. 

The Orioles, White Sox, Twins and Red Sox remain in the mix, of course, so there are a good number of combinations. It’s too early to start ranking intriguing matchups or anything, but we can all start working through things in our heads. It’s part of the fun this time of the season.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

This article mentions that even though matchups have occurred and teams have battled one another in the regular season, championship season changes everything.

These players are primed to compete to the best of their ability, and they have been for the whole season. But now, the stakes are higher and each game means something greater than the last. 

In many ways, sporting leagues mirror the business world. The “championship season” mindset shines through in sporting leagues, and it also is prevalent for businesses of all sizes.

These baseball teams have been playing their games during the regular season well, and they have been using these experiences to help them improve their strategy for when it truly matters, the championship season.

Businesses do the same thing. Strategies are built, fleshed out, tested, and retested before launching, all in hopes that these new methods will grant their business venture success and more revenue.

Embrace the “regular season” phase of your business. This is where your vision and goals are built out and put to the test.

Prepare for championship season just as these baseball teams have, and continue to strive for improvement at every opportunity.

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