Preparedness is the Name of the Game For Baseball and Business

As major league baseball enters the more competitive phase of their season, standings for each team are becoming increasingly important.

The main factor that fans are looking for is each team’s preparedness and what steps they have taken to get ready for the higher stakes games.

A Fox Sports article details how the Minnesota Twins have placed themselves in a favorable position by preparing for the next phase of their season. 

“Somehow, the Minnesota Twins entered Wednesday in a tie for first place in the American League Central. But by no means has this been a smooth season for them. 

But with just under two months remaining, no team is a better bet to win their division than the Twins. Here are three reasons they are the AL Central favorites.

  1. Their offense is deep.
  2. They made big pitching additions at the deadline.

Few teams moved in as many chips ahead of this month’s deadline. The Twins parted with significant prospects to acquire right-handed starter Tyler Mahle and relievers Michael Fulmer and Jorge López. Their moves don’t compare to the splashiness or aggressiveness of San Diego’s, but they do represent a sizable bet on the talent already assembled at the expense of the distant future.

  1. The competition is light.

Entering Tuesday, the AL Central’s top three teams — all within three games of one another — had all won exactly five of their previous 10 games. For good measure, the fourth-place Kansas City Royals had done the same. That’s the 2022 AL Central for you: middling.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

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Like other professional sports leagues, baseball teams have to think about the season as a marathon rather than a sprint. 

It’s important for these organizations to be prepared for the entire season as a whole rather than honing in on each game and allocating all of their resources to a fraction of their season.

The reason the Minnesota Twins are garnering media attention is not because they have won many games, or that they have a standout star within their ranks. It’s because the team is taking the steps to prepare adequately for the championship season, and this preparation makes them stand out. 

Your business needs to be prepared for anything that may come your way.

Like the Twins, your company should be thinking of the future every single day. Focusing on the long term goals of your business will result in a heightened focus, and your employees will be better equipped to keep your business on the right path.

The Twins are not focusing on each win, and your business should mirror this mindset.

Map out your long term objectives and do something everyday that points you in the right direction. The Twins remind us that running a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

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