Is Posting On LinkedIn A Waste Of Time?

LinkedIn is a bottomless well of opportunities for recruiters and job seekers alike. But over time LinkedIn has evolved into something more than that. This social networking platform is now one of the best sources of high quality B2B leads online.

What sets it apart from other social networks is its focus on developing business and professional relationships. But because it functions differently from other popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, many people wonder if it is worth posting content on LinkedIn at all. Here we are going to take a closer look at content marketing on LinkedIn and whether or not you should pursue it.

Should You Be Posting On LinkedIn?

We’ve all heard of how great LinkedIn is when it comes to creating sales opportunities. Marketers are now using it to reach even more leads than ever. But the problem is that not everyone knows how to use it properly. It takes an effective content marketing strategy and a lot of effort to succeed on LinkedIn.

So if you are wondering whether you should be posting on LinkedIn or not, the answer is it depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. How consistently are you willing to be engaged on the platform? If your target audience is spending their time hanging out on LinkedIn, you should definitely think about the content you are posting on the platform.

Simply put, content marketing on LinkedIn can help you attract the attention of your target audience. You can post articles, videos, pictures, blogs, and other forms of media that can inform and entertain your audience.

Posting content is a simple and easy way to connect with people and drive engagement on social media. Not only are you giving value to your audience, but you are also proving that you are a thought leader in your industry.

Content marketing is also an effective way of building trust. When you post original content, you are basically giving your audience value for free. There’s nothing to gain from it except user engagement. You are not selling your products and services directly, so you are showing that you are not just after their money. They will see you as a trustworthy brand and a reliable resource. By giving value to your audience, you are showing that you care about them and that you want your followers to be well-informed.

In the long run, content marketing will make it easier for you to build strong business relationships that lead to conversions.

Is It Worth the Time Investment?

LinkedIn is worth the time investment if you know that your audience is actively using it. And because LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals online, this is a good choice for a lot of brands that want to reach a wider audience online.

LinkedIn users are typically professionals, business owners, CEOs, marketers, and other decision makers in different industries who are always looking for helpful information, new insights, industry news, tips and tricks, etc. This means they are more likely to read your articles or watch your videos if you provide them with something of value.

High quality content opens up the line of communication between marketers and their prospects. If you use content marketing on LinkedIn effectively, you can generate a ton of leads.

How to Post Content that Engages with your Audience

If you want to make sure your LinkedIn posts reach as many people as possible, here are a few tips that you need to know.

First, you should start posting more of your own original content. This may be difficult without a dedicated content team, but you will make the most out of the LinkedIn algorithm by posting your own content.

While sharing curated posts from other people is a good way to build trust and keep your content calendar full, it is better for your LinkedIn content marketing campaign if you regularly post your own content. Publishing original content will allow you to drive more engagement and bring more attention to your brand, which is your number one goal for content marketing. If a lot of people engage with your posts, the LinkedIn algorithm will reward you.

Another tip is to use the right keywords so that your posts will show up to more people. By using SEO or search engine optimization, your LinkedIn posts will show up higher in search results, allowing you to attract more qualified leads. This way, people who are interested in the topics you are posting about can easily find your content online.

That said, make sure you incorporate those keywords properly. Do no overuse them. It will make your posts annoying to read and that will drive people away. Use somewhere between three to nine hashtags. LinkedIn recommends that you use up to 30, but limiting it to the most relevant hashtags will allow you to make a greater impact. Research the top hashtags for your industry and choose the ones that are most relevant to what you are posting.

Once your content is visible online, your goal is to convert those engagements into conversations. This is one of the best ways to use content on LinkedIn. Making content takes a lot of effort, so it’s time to reap the fruits of your labor. When people comment on your posts, try to get that conversation going. Strengthen the connection by sending a personalized message and then build rapport. No need to sell your products right away: what matters more is establishing that connection and building trust.

Overall, LinkedIn is the perfect social network for entrepreneurs, coaches, advisors, speakers, and B2B professionals who want to connect with their ideal customers. If your audience is using LinkedIn, you should not shy away from posting content on this huge networking platform.

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