Pipedrive And LinkedIn Integration

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Here are the four steps of Pipedrive & LinkedIn integration:

  1. Authenticate Pipedrive & LinkedIn

  2. Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation

  3. Choose a resulting action from the other app

  4. Select the data you want to send from one app to the other

When you connect Pipedrive to LinkedIn, you’ll be able to send LinkedIn invitations & messages from within Pipedrive and enroll your Pipedrive contacts in drip campaigns

A sales rep uses LinkedIn like a Viking uses a sword or a designer uses Figma. That’s already clear to you! Here’s how LinkedIn and Pipedrive can work together. It is done seamlessly.

What Is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is CRM & sales pipeline software. Organize yourself. Get deals done faster. You can take your pipeline ANYWHERE with iOS & Android apps.

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User Triggers

Pipedrive uses a feature that notifies users when certain factors change in a deal, known as “triggers.” There are several types of triggers.

Updated Deal Triggers (For An Existing Deal)

This trigger happens when an existing deal updates.

Updated Organization

This triggers when an existing organization has updated details.

New Deal Triggers

This happens when a new deal is created.

New Organization

This trigger occurs when a new organization is created.

New Person Triggers

This triggers when a new person is added.

New Note Triggers

This trigger happens when a new note is added to a person, organization, or deal.

Matching Filter Triggers

These trigger when an activity matches a Pipedrive filter.

New Activity Triggers

 This triggers when a new activity is created.

New Product Triggers

This trigger occurs when a new product is created.

Benefits of Integrating Your LinkedIn Profile With Pipedrive


  • Automatically update Pipedrive when you get a new LinkedIn connection or message, keeping your records up to date.

  • Automatically create follow-up activities in Pipedrive so you can focus your time on engaged LinkedIn prospects & convert more sales.

  • You’ll have a 360-degree view of your LinkedIn activity against each record in Pipedrive, centralizing & enriching your contact information across the business.

What Is LinkPort?

Users of Pipedrive CRM can import all contacts & details like name, organization, country, and LinkedIn URL right into the CRM without having to copy-paste & update them manually.

LinkedIn AND Sales Navigator work great with this FREE extension.

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Leadjet lets you connect your CRM to LinkedIn so you can edit & access the info whenever YOU need it.



  • Free: $0/month

  • Basic: $20/month

  • Professional: $29/month

  • Enterprise: $59/month


LinkMatch is a cheaper alternative to Leadjet with a smaller feature set. Use LinkMatch to create LinkedIn contacts & fill out additional info.

The site saves YOU from performing hours of manual work each day.

LinkMatch for Pipedrive lets you match, save and update LinkedIn profiles, reducing the time it takes to source & save information from a LinkedIn profile.

You can save 1-2 hours daily on LinkedIn searches with LinkMatch.


  • $9.99 user/month with Zoho CRM

  • $9.99 user/month with Pipedrive CRM

  • $14.99 user/month with HubSpot

There is no credit card required for a trial with LinkMatch.


A new contact will be created in your Pipedrive CRM whenever someone accepts your LinkedIn invitation.

Also, LinkedFusion will update your Pipedrive CRM with whatever conversation you’re having with your prospects.



  • Professional: $65.95/month

  • Grow: $95.95/month

  • Ultimate: $135.95/month


Bardeen automates repetitive tasks & lets you control web apps from anywhere.

You can create a new Pipedrive contact from LinkedIn, associate an email with a deal, and create notes right from your keyboard. 

Bardeen works where YOU do, which makes it unique. In your browser (& even outside of it), it’s always there for you.


There is a FREE version of Bardeen & two additional options (Pro & Teams), which are coming soon!

Build A Prospecting List

Sniper salespeople should use the automation above. It’s meticulous & hyper-targeted. However, if you like going machine-gun at prospecting, there’s automation.

Navigate to LinkedIn search & set your query. Once we’re ready, get a list of LinkedIn profiles. You’ll get a list of LinkedIn profile URLs when you try it.

You can then find emails from those LinkedIn profile page URLs using services like Cloud Kennect.

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