Can I Have A Personal And Business LinkedIn Account?

A LinkedIn page is useful for people who want to expand their networking opportunities, whether it’s for their profession or for their business. No doubt that most people have a personal LinkedIn page, as it is like the ‘Facebook’ of the professional world. It is all but a necessity if you want to make it big in your industry.

For those who are running a business, they may consider having both types of LinkedIn accounts: a personal one, and one for their business. LinkedIn does allow users to have separate accounts for business and personal purposes. But it is important to know why this is beneficial.

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Personal and Business Pages

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and there are many points of distinction between personal and business pages on LinkedIn. The content of these pages is significantly different. A personal page will largely focus on the individual’s skills, expertise, and interests; while a business profile will generally provide information that is more specific to the services and products offered by the brand.

Another point of distinction is the manner in which the posts made from that page behave. A post from a personal page may get lost in a sea of posts made by other individuals. These posts have a shorter shelf life. Meanwhile, a business page may enjoy posts that stick around longer because they stand out a bit from those made by personal profiles.

Either way, you would not want one profile to act as both your business and your personal page, as it makes it harder for visitors to tell what exactly it is that you do. When you have both accounts and you post content using your business page, you may still share it with connections made through a personal account, which boosts its visibility even further.

Lastly, the speed at which you can create connections is significantly faster when using a business account. When connecting with individuals using a personal account, you need to wait for them to accept the connection. For business owners, their customers can simply follow their business page and begin engaging immediately. The speed and ease of the latter is essential and ultimately helpful for both of the user’s profiles. With a business page, you can start talking to potential customers and get results faster.

Personal and Business Pages: The Benefits

Having both a personal and a business profile has its benefits. Your personal LinkedIn page establishes your credibility as a business operator, allowing you to create a personal network of connections with others like you.

Although a business page does the same thing, it does that for your business. Users can take advantage of the faster engagements from the business page and then use their personal page to expand their connections.

Use the business page to create and establish a voice for your brand, and then provide content that has value. Keep your personal profile as a way to establish who you are as a professional, but use the business profile to disseminate important information about your business. Think of the business page as a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and then use the personal profile to become a trustworthy and reliable connection.

It’s all about maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn and getting the most out of it.

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