Penguins Make History with “Big 3” 17 Year Tenure

In hockey, it is fairly common to bounce around from team to team, especially for the most talented players in the league.

Despite this, the Pittsburgh Penguins have had their “Big 3” for 17 years now, making history in the NHL and tying the North American professional sports league record as well.

A recent article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlights this trio and what this tenure has meant to the franchise.

There’s a strange significance to the number three in sports. Three strikes, three outs. Three periods in a hockey game and three forwards per line. A field goal in football. A 3-pointer in basketball. The number of medals awarded. You get the idea.

It’s also a pretty big deal in Pittsburgh — and not solely because of our three rivers. As the Penguins open the 2022-23 season on Thursday by welcoming the Arizona Coyotes to PPG Paints Arena, it will mark the 17th consecutive season together for the talented triumvirate of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang.

Not only are the Penguins’ Big 3 the longest-tenured trio in NHL history, but the Elias Sports Bureau recently confirmed to the Post-Gazette that it ties them with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada of the Yankees for the record across all major North American professional team sports.

The reaction to the Penguins running it back with this group has been met with a collective smile and shrug inside the dressing room, largely because it’s pretty much the way things have always been. However, it’s a big deal when you think about what has been required to keep this group together so long and the successful trios that have been passed along the way.

“People don’t like change,” said Hall of Fame NHL broadcaster Mike “Doc” Emrick, who called countless Penguins games before retiring in October 2020. “They like to have that sameness. Especially in an athletic endeavor, they don’t want anything different as long as it’s productive.”

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One line really sticks out here, and it’s from the quote of broadcaster Mike Emrick.

“They don’t want anything different as long as it’s productive.”

This is absolutely true in sports, and the Penguins have demonstrated that their Big 3 has been instrumental in their successes.

The same sentiment rings true for business as well.

Productivity is essential, as is growth and the potential for expansion.

If you have a core group of C suite members or sales team members, invest in them.

Change can be a good thing, but investing in key players will also benefit you in the long run.

Find your “Big 3” and develop them into the players you need for the success of your business.

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