How Peloton Is Poised To Dominate The Fitness Industry Well Beyond The Corona Virus Pandemic

Staying in shape is crucial to both physical and mental health. An elevated heart rate from 20-30 minutes worth of exercise can improve the respiratory system while circulating blood flow. Exercise practiced on a routine basis can increase the likelihood of healthy heart and artery function. For those who may be stuck inside, at-home exercise equipment may be a lifesaver during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Is Fitness Important During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many people will be staying indoors for a long stretch of time. While this may be the healthiest option for preventing future viral outbreaks, weeks without exercise can prove unhealthy overtime.

Staying active at home can seem like an oxymoron. In crowded cities where it is most important to stay indoors during the pandemic, many U.S. citizens live in apartments where space may be limited. Since long walks in areas that are scarcely populated isn’t always an option, fitness at home is extra important.

What Is Peloton?

Peloton is a trusted American company that has been around for several years. We create top of the line fitness equipment for those in need of indoor fitness. Not everybody can afford a gym membership and while exercising outdoors can be a great way to work out, access to nature isn’t always available. With at-home gym equipment, physical and mental health can be improved in a relatively short period of time.

Peloton provides fitness support in a variety of ways. Not only do we sell affordable exercise machines, but we have also created an exercise app that can be live streamed through Peloton products. Working out can come easy to those who are used to the practice, but for those who are just getting started, a workout video may be just the inspiration needed for that extra boost of motivation.

The Peloton App

Our fitness app is perfect for those who need extra motivation to stay fit. Whether you’re just starting out or have been exercising on a regular basis, our app can help you beat at-home stagnation.

Sometimes working from home can feel more exhausting than leaving the house. When there is nobody demanding what time to get up in the morning or how far to travel for work, it can feel easier to stay in pajamas or work from the couch.

No matter how you work or what your lifestyle is, exercising on a regular basis can actually give you more energy. Because of natural endorphins that occur while the heart rate is elevated, cardio exercise is especially important when staying indoors. Biking, walking or running can all be excellent sources of cardio activity. By using our online app, we can support you even if you aren’t used to exercising on a regular basis.

The Peloton fitness app offers a variety of classes that can be streamed. On-demand cycling, stretching, strength and cardio are just a few of the options available. With both live and pre-recorded classes, our app can help you form a schedule or work around yours.

For streaming access to our classes, our app works on iphones, ipads, Apple TV and more. Even if you do not buy exercise equipment from us, you can still use our app for fitness classes and motivation.

How Does Peloton Operate?

Peloton has looked to the future for understanding and creating the newest trends in fitness. Physical and mental health are always important regardless of how life looks. By imagining new and innovative ways to operate in the future, Peloton can help sustain the exercise business by creating individualized care for those living primarily indoors.

There are currently two types of memberships we have to offer. Depending on your lifestyle, we can find one that fits for you if you’re feeling uncertain or need help. The Peloton All-Access Membership offers real-time metrics that include resistance and distance. Viewing in-class performance is easier with this type of membership. All-Access members are able to easily track their progress over time on a detailed performance dashboard. This membership also includes unlimited accounts for the household which can be especially important if there are multiple people working or living at home.

A Peloton digital membership allows members to access over 20 live classes per day. In addition to live classes, thousands of on-demand, pre-recorded classes can also be used. Peloton equipment is not mandatory for these classes and a variety of instructors are available. Indoor cycling, bootcamp, and running classes are all available through the digital membership option.

Public gyms may not be a safe option for most people in the United States right now. Because of sweat and the proximity of people in a closed space, many people are forgoing their gym memberships. By using at-home gym equipment in addition to our app, those who may be negatively impacted by the coronavirus can still stay both emotionally and physically healthy.


Using technology to help us through the coronavirus pandemic is essential to our lives. Without the help of others, staying at home for long periods of time can become depressing. Through the use of online technology, we can still stay in touch with one another while working or living at home on a regular basis.

Peloton has created a group exercise experience that can come straight to your home. By using the app and/or our fitness equipment, the body and mind do not have to suffer. Live classes with online social engagement can add to anyone’s at-home fitness routine.

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