Optimizing Everything in your Business with Automation Tools

Technology and software implementations are rising in popularity, and major businesses are beginning to take notice.

Automation tools that were once overlooked and dismissed are reentering the conversation, as sustainability and ease of use for these tools is unbeatable.

A recent article by Gartner highlights the value of automation within business, touching on the sustainability of these frameworks and how they can be implemented successfully.

“Solutions may include new sustainable approaches for the responsible stewardship of IT assets, like using robots for recycling to drive circular economy principles into IT, or outsourcing IT operations to sustainable operators, such as hyperscale cloud providers. 

Benefits include improved financials from optimized IT resources. For example, consumption-based pricing ties costs to resource utilization, which in turn equates to sustainability impacts (including reduced carbon emissions and e-waste).

Examples include providing transparency on sourcing and trade practices, improved energy and material efficiency, reduced emissions and fair labor practices.

Opportunities to advance ESG goals across the business include:

  • Automation to reduce resource-intensive activities
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to predict the impact of climate on business
  • Advanced analytics to capture real-time performance analysis 
  • Cloud to transform processes and enable remote work

To best support sustainable enterprise operations, identify and prioritize technology investments that can further those initiatives most material to the organization’s sustainability strategy.”

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As the article states, using technology within a business structure has a plethora of benefits for both employees and business processes.

Automation tools essentially optimize and simplify your everyday tasks, making your work more effective and more efficient.

A big piece of these benefits comes from analytics, which the article highlights as one of the four main points above.

Advanced metrics and engagement analytics are extremely important to the success of your various business processes, as they give you an inside look at the efficacy of your social media campaigns, email marketing, lead generation, and more.

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