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Your LinkedIn profile serves as your elevator pitch to your next potential investor, client, customer, or partner. So your goal is to make sure you are making the best first impression. LinkedIn profile optimization is when you work on improving your profile to make it more appealing to your visitors.

What many LinkedIn users don’t know is that there is a proper way to optimize your LinkedIn profile. With the right approach, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile like a pro so you can maximize its effectiveness. With a well-optimized profile, you can generate more leads, grow your network, increase brand awareness, build trust, and increase your sales by converting more leads into customers.

Your LinkedIn profile should be able to convince your clients that you are the ultimate solution to their problems. You should convince them that your business, products, and services can address their pain points. This means you have to establish your credibility and start building business relationships with your network.

An optimized LinkedIn profile can effectively boost your personal brand, allowing you to gain the trust of the people who visit you, so that it is easier to convert them.

Here we have compiled some of the best strategies for LinkedIn optimization that you can implement into your own profile so you can make new connections and find more prospects easily. Use these tips in order to make the most out of this massive online platform for professionals.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for SEO & Conversion

Before we go into LinkedIn profile optimization, let’s talk about why you want to use LinkedIn to promote your brand online. LinkedIn is not the biggest social network out there, especially compared to giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But it does have over 756 million users around the world—and it is still growing. This already makes it the biggest platform for professionals online.

LinkedIn is one big networking event that is being attended by everyone from every single industry. Unlike other social networks, it is specifically designed to help you build business and professional relationships. Brands use it to market themselves; recruiters use it for recruitment; job hunters use it to find new career opportunities. Everyone is here.

That’s why you need to make the best impression. No matter what your goals are or who your target audience is, you can easily find them on LinkedIn. It is full of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and decision-makers in different industries. LinkedIn is full of highly-qualified leads.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who only use LinkedIn as a glorified resume. But they are not using LinkedIn to its fullest. If you’re not using LinkedIn properly, you are missing out on an amazing source of leads. You may even be getting left behind by your competition. It’s time to start optimizing your profile.

First, you need to understand some key principles about how your LinkedIn profile works. The top section of your profile is all about grabbing people’s attention so they would want to keep looking. This involves getting them curious and invested enough in your proposed value. The top section includes your profile photo, cover photo, and headline.

The middle section is all about generating interest and desire. This is where you talk about the business problems that you can help solve. Use this section to show that you understand your target audience’s pain points.

The bottom portion of your profile is where you convince your visitors to go to the next stage in your funnel, whether it’s to visit your website, to schedule a meeting, or to try your products.

Choose the Right Profile Picture

People will set any random picture to their LinkedIn profile and then call it a day. But you can actually optimize this part to get the best results. You want people to pay attention to your profile—and when they visit it, they will have some thoughts whether you like it or not. Judgment isn’t necessarily a bad thing: people always have their first impressions.

But if you are running a business, you need to make sure these first impressions are favorable. People can instantly decide whether they trust you or not based off of your profile picture. This means it’s a crucial part of your profile, and that you need to put some more thought into it.

Your profile picture should reflect your business personality while also painting a good picture on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social platform, so you want to look professional in your profile as much as possible. So a lot of the profile pictures people may use on Facebook may not necessarily be a good fit for LinkedIn.

A high quality image that clearly depicts your face can work wonders here. You just need to make sure it is not a group shot so that visitors can tell that it’s you they are dealing with. You also need to avoid distracting backgrounds or shots where you are too far away—for example, a whole body shot.

People wonder if they can smile in their LinkedIn profile picture because it’s supposed to be “professional”, but the answer actually depends on your brand. Most of your prospects would appreciate a smile though because it makes you look more approachable and trustworthy. So unless it completely goes against your brand, a smiling picture is preferred on LinkedIn.

For the best results, you can have your picture taken by a professional. But if you can take a picture of yourself—that’s not a selfie—and still come up with a high quality image, that can work too. Do not use filters. Instead, make sure the shot is well-lit with plenty of light sources all around to give you a natural-looking glow. A lot of influencers use this trick and it’s something you can actually apply here too. Sometimes it’s all about the lighting.

Avoid using a cropped group picture because that makes you look lazy or unprofessional. Take the time to set up your own photo shoot or have your picture taken by a photographer. It’s worth the investment since it’s going to draw more people to your profile.

Last but not the least, update your photo every once in a while. You want to pick an up to date photo so that people know what you look like.

Write a Compelling Headline

You’re gonna want to spend a little bit of time brainstorming this part of your LinkedIn profile, because it’s one important line that can dictate whether people keep reading or not. Ten out of nine people just write their job in this space, and it’s a complete waste. If you want to optimize like a pro, you need to think about how you market yourself.

Assume that these visitors know absolutely nothing about you—because unless you’re an established brand, they probably won’t have any idea what you can do for them. Don’t use broad terms like “head of marketing” and then just leave it hanging there.

Use your headline to write a brief but concrete statement that describes what you do. This one-liner serves as your value proposition, aka what you do that helps people grow.

When you send someone a connection request, they will see both your profile picture and your headline along with your name, so use this to grab their attention.

Use Your Cover Photo Creatively

Some people upload a random image for their LinkedIn cover photo, but this is actually a waste. Think of your cover photo as a free billboard. It’s one of the first few things people will see when they visit your profile. It needs to be something that is eye-catching and/or informative.

Your cover photo can be used to quickly deliver the message of who you are and what you do. Here you can be a little bit more creative with how you use your LinkedIn cover photo. It can be a picture of you doing what you do best. Or it can be a literal billboard with your logo and all your information. It can even be just a simple image that highlights your brand.

All the pros use it to show their services. After all, this space is large enough to depict several of your services. But there are also those who use it to highlight a single product. Whatever you decide to put as your cover photo, make sure it supports what you’ve written in your headline and that it is consistent with your branding. So if you have to choose colors, always choose your brand’s colors.

Your cover photo isn’t just a simple picture. It is an opportunity to boost your credibility and demonstrate your expertise. Don’t neglect it.

Optimize Your About Section

If you succeeded in making your profile picture, cover photo, and headline eye-catching enough, your target audience should scroll down to check out the rest of your profile. Now that you have their attention, it means they want to know more about you. It’s time to elaborate on what you said in your headline.

Whether they are interested in your services or interested in you as a professional, what matters is that you have their attention. Don’t just use your profile as a place to show off your awards and experiences: use it as a way to convince more leads to choose you over the competition. Use your About section to tell them how you can solve their problems.

If you want your audience to truly connect with you, you can use this section to write a little bit about yourself and your story. Your visitors can get emotionally invested in your brand if you tell them your story.

Don’t Forget Your Calls to Action

If someone goes through your entire LinkedIn profile and reads every single thing you’ve added, including your achievements and work experience, then they are definitely interested—and that means they are a highly-valuable lead. You have successfully taken them to the bottom of your profile. That means it’s time for your call to action or CTA.

A call to action is a request for someone to do something. It is usually found at the end of articles such as blog posts, or at the end of videos when content creators tell you to subscribe to them. But you can also have a call to action at the end of your LinkedIn profile.

Just tell your LinkedIn audience what you want them to do next, whether it’s to sign up for a free trial, schedule a call or meeting, download your eBook, etc.

Use SEO to Reach More People on LinkedIn

LinkedIn functions very much like a search engine, and you can use this to your advantage by using search engine optimization or SEO. If you are not familiar with SEO, this is a strategy involving the use of keywords and key phrases in order to rank higher in search results. People tend to click on the first few links they see when they perform an online search. That’s why you want your LinkedIn profile to pop up on the higher end of the search results.

Think about what keywords people use when they look for the products and services that you offer. You can then add those keywords all over your profile so you can improve your chances of showing up in the search results for those keywords. Make sure you use these keywords naturally—don’t overuse them.

You can add keywords in your headline, your About copy, and even in the content you post on your profile.

LinkedIn has its own search engine, which people use for job searches. But you can also use it to search for people, content, groups, and companies. Aside from ranking high in Google and other search engines, you want to rank high in LinkedIn’s very own search results. Do some keyword research, refine your SEO strategy, and use it to draw more attention to your optimized LinkedIn profile.

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You can send them an intro message, and whether they buy something off your first message or two, or if they just connect with you—you win. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you have their email, phone number all inside of the Kennected dashboard. That’s the power of Kennected.

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