These Are The Best Ways To Generate Leads For Insurance Agents Online

It’s not easy to sell insurance. Even the people you know in real life may take some convincing before they agree to buy an insurance policy. It gets even trickier when you take your marketing efforts online. These are people who are not familiar with you yet.

But luckily, insurance agents can use lead generation strategies to find more clients. There are plenty of effective ways to generate leads online, and here we will discuss some of the best options.

Produce Content

People won’t just buy an insurance policy from anyone: they will only do so from an insurance agent they trust. Building and developing this trust online can be difficult—but with proper content creation, you can easily prove that you are the real deal.

Producing and posting high quality content online is a good way to establish your authority in your field. It shows that you are a thought leader in your industry. This is your chance to share your knowledge, prove your expertise, and show people that you know what you are talking about.

You won’t get much business if people don’t know you exist. But with online content, you can establish your online presence. Write blog posts, share helpful articles, and produce informative videos. Post the content on your website and then share the link on LinkedIn to drive more traffic.

If you do this regularly, you can start building your own community of leads and prospects.

Organic SEO

While content plays an important role in lead generation, there is a proper way to do it. Writing articles is not enough: you need to know how organic SEO works and how to incorporate it into your content creation strategy.

SEO means “search engine optimization”. This means you need to optimize your content in a way that allows it to rank higher in search results. It involves using keywords that will drive more traffic to your website. When people search for the term “insurance”, you want your website to show up on the very first page. SEO is an effective lead generation tool used by most marketers because an estimated 59 percent of consumers use search engines to find local businesses.

The higher you rank in search results, the more traffic you will get—the more leads will come flowing in. Of course, this is not a reliable strategy on its own because organic SEO takes a long time to produce results. The reason for this is because everyone is using SEO. All your competitors are incorporating SEO into their content.

So this means you should use SEO as a long term strategy that will pay off in a huge way eventually. Do not rely on it as your sole source of leads, but still make use of it.


Content doesn’t have to be limited to articles. In fact, pictures and videos are effective and eye-catching ways to present information. The latter can even be uploaded on YouTube to further grow your business. Videos on this platform are extremely search-engine friendly. Not only will they rank well in Google’s video search, but they can also appear in YouTube’s own search engine.

As a video sharing platform, YouTube is exploding right now—and you should take advantage of this. Use it to further establish your name and brand as an insurance agent. It is the most dynamic and engaging type of content viewers can access online, which makes it valuable for both businesses and viewers. It’s the perfect place to tell your brand’s story.

Use YouTube to increase your visibility and lead generation.

Google Maps

Every day, billions of people are using Google to search for a wide variety of information. The ones that are doing their research on insurance are the ones you want to find. Better yet, help them find you by using Google My Business. With GMB, you can appear in local searches.GMB enables users to see the information they need at a glance. Not only that, if your business is visible on Google Maps, it means people can leave their reviews. Customer reviews can leave a positive impact on your search rankings. Do not underestimate its value.


Finally, you can always rely on word of mouth marketing. You can get referrals from people you’ve worked with and people who have experienced your services. You can get referrals from friends, family members, colleagues—and of course, your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals online. With over 675 million users, it is the best place to find those referrals. If you start expanding your network on LinkedIn, you will quickly build your reputation as a reliable insurance agent in no time.

Use automation tools to generate leads at scale. Kennected is an automation tool for LinkedIn that helps you find leads online using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. It fine tunes your outreach and helps you get in front of your ideal targets. This helps save a lot of time, so you don’t have to spend hours every day spraying and praying for leads. Take your lead generation efforts to the next level with Kennected’s automated and personalized messages. Book a demo today to learn more!

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