Let’s Define It: Nurture Leads Definition

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When you nurture leads, you are establishing a relationship with this individual and making sure that they are on the path to conversion from lead into paying customer.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What lead nurturing is

  • What a solid lead nurturing process looks like

  • How to improve your lead nurturing strategy

  • Best practices for lead nurturing

Read on to learn more about lead nurturing and how this process falls into the lead generation cycle.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified leads in hopes of making their conversion process smoother and more streamlined.

A successful lead nurturing campaign will help your particular lead feel welcomed into your business, and they will ultimately be more likely to become a client of yours at the conclusion of the process.

The shared goal of lead nurturing and lead generation is lead scoring, meaning that all of these processes need to work together to convert leads into clients.

While lead generation follows a rigid structure and does not vary much from lead to lead, a lead nurturing program will often need to be tailored to suit a specific lead.

Let’s review exactly what should be going into your lead nurturing strategies and how you can best be providing this service to your leads.

What Does A Good Lead Nurturing Process Look Like?

Just like with lead generation, solid lead nurturing strategy begins with a successful online marketing strategy.

Using marketing automation and the skills of your marketing team, potential customers will be attracted to your business and prepared for the lead management process after engaging with your content.

At this point, these leads are prepared for the sales funnel, and they are also ready to undergo your successful lead scoring strategy.

When nurturing leads, here are some important items to remember:

  • Make sure to emphasize lead engagement points

  • Encourage cross channel communication

  • Support each stage of the buyer’s journey

  • Minimize any pain points and strengthen your nurturing efforts

  • Treat leads as loyal customers

  • Have your sales teams as a resource for information and pricing

  • Speak with existing customers about successful lead nurturing strategy

When you develop a personal relationship with each lead, these warm leads feel welcomed and more ready to commit to your services.

Encourage these kinds of connections throughout your lead nurturing strategy, and you’ll see much higher conversion rates.

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How to Strengthen Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

As previously stated, your lead nurturing tactics will vary from lead to lead.

Despite this, there are many practices you can employ to optimize your lead scoring and help your lead nurturing strategy as well.

  • Employ automated lead nurturing

  • Center your lead nurturing campaigns around each specific lead

  • Focus on the cohesion of the sales cycle

  • Focus all your marketing efforts on promoting lead generation and lead nurturing

  • Sort our inactive or junk contacts

  • Cross sell opportunities whenever possible with marketing leads

  • Align sales with lead nurture to assist on the buyer journey

  • Emphasize brand loyalty

  • Focus on high quality leads

In summation, lead nurturing should be occurring during each stage of the sales funnel, so placing additional emphasis on value of your services will pay off for your leads.

Your leads are your future customers, and you want to make sure that as many leads as possible are turning into profitable clients.

Whether you choose to automate lead nurturing or implement a lead scoring system manually, your nurtured leads will be in a better spot to become paying customers.

How Kennected Practices Effective Lead Nurturing

Here at Kennected, lead generation and effective lead nurturing are critical functions for us to perform and also for our clients.

Having a solid understanding of the lead nurturing definition has helped us strengthen our own strategy, but also made us more equipped to aid our customers with the same items.

Having a solid lead nurturing strategy to function alongside a sales funnel is critical to the success of your strategy, so take the time to develop how you will best convert your leads into customers. 

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