How To Raise Money For Nonprofit Organizations Using LinkedIn

A lot of nonprofit organizations have realized the benefits of promoting themselves on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social networking platforms. However, most of them are yet to realize the power and potential of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is also a social networking site, but unlike the other platforms, it is primarily geared towards professionals. It is specifically designed for business and professional relationships. And with over 756 million users around the world, this is one of the best places to promote your nonprofit organization online.

LinkedIn is not just for jobseekers and recruiters anymore. It’s not just for businesses and brands either. Your nonprofit organization can benefit from an active LinkedIn campaign. Today we’re going to talk about how you can use it to raise more money for your cause.

How to Find High Donors Who Want to Fund Your Nonprofits Growth

As the world’s biggest professional platform online, LinkedIn can provide your organization with networking and marketing benefits, no matter how big or how small it is.

LinkedIn’s audience is the key differentiator that sets it apart from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Instagram has a generally younger audience, while Facebook is used by a wider demographic.

But LinkedIn is specifically used by professionals and entrepreneurs. It is full of CEOs and other decision makers in various industries and organizations. These are the potential donors you want to target if you want your nonprofit to grow.

Understanding Where High Value Donors Spend Time Online

It’s all about knowing where those high value donors are spending their time online. You need to be where your target audience is. If they are spending their time on Facebook, you need to be there. But since these high value donors are most likely working professionals, they will surely be on LinkedIn.

So to put it simply, you need to know how to use LinkedIn to promote your nonprofit organization effectively. While this platform certainly has the potential, you still need to know how to make the most out of it.

Business people typically check LinkedIn several times per day. This gives you several opportunities throughout the day to reach them with your LinkedIn outreach.

There are several ways to do this. First, you can use LinkedIn to bring attention to your nonprofit organization using high value content. Alternatively, you can reach out to them directly by connecting with them and sending a message.

How to Find Ideal Donors for 501C3 Organizations on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can find large corporations with senior staff members that oversee corporate donations. Try to find these individuals using LinkedIn’s search function. Do a little research on each corporation and figure out if they are open for partnerships with nonprofits. Start there.

But before you send those messages, you need to make sure your presence on LinkedIn is already established. One of the first steps in your LinkedIn campaign is to optimize your nonprofit’s profile so that everyone can understand what the organization is all about. This way, when you get profile visitors, they can immediately get an idea of what they are supporting.

Make sure all the information is there. Fill out your page or profile completely and don’t forget to include your contact information. When you attract leads to your LinkedIn page, they will see that the organization is legitimate.

Another way to establish your LinkedIn presence is to publish content. Creating captivating content will drive more traffic to your nonprofit organization’s LinkedIn page, and will therefore generate more leads. Write articles, share pictures, post videos—and make sure you are maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn.

You can also post announcements about new hires, board members joining your organization, blog posts, community celebrations, volunteers at an event, etc.

How to Create the Perfect Outreach Script for Potential Donors

Now that your organization has a well-developed profile, you can start attracting more donors. But you can also take the proactive approach by reaching out to these people on LinkedIn and sending them a well-crafted message.

Your message should be well-crafted because you don’t want to be sending the same copied message to thousands of people and coming across as a spammer. This will hurt your organization’s credibility.

Instead, create the perfect outreach script by doing your research, and personalizing your approach. People want to see that you are talking to them, and not just randomly messaging other LinkedIn users.

If you use an automation tool for your LinkedIn outreach, make sure it’s a high quality tool. Your automation tool should not spam LinkedIn users, or else your account will get restricted or suspended. This is why Kennected is the best and most reliable automation tool out there. It personalizes your messages and sends them automatically, but it doesn’t spam your recipients.

Kennected’s goal is to make your outreach easier by automating mundane and repetitive tasks. Kennected can help you write the perfect outreach script, or you can use one of our highly-effective templates.

No matter what you’re raising money for, you need to know how to connect with people on LinkedIn effectively and safely.

How to Leverage Video to Create a Personalized Video Using Kennected Video

Speaking of personalization, there’s nothing more personal than a video that directly addresses your recipient. You don’t need to use their name in the video, but you can mention things about them like where they live, where they went to school, etc. This will create the appearance of a video that is dedicated to them.

You can also use Kennected Video to take your personalized videos to the next level. Kennected Video allows you to send personalized video messages through your favorite channels so you can stay connected from anywhere.

This easy-to-use video marketing software lets you record and upload videos to improve your pitch and personalize your outreach. It also lets you record your screen using Kennected Video’s Chrome extension. Trim, merge, and edit your videos in a snap.

Kennected Video lets you reach out to potential donors with style.

Manually Reaching Out to Prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great source of leads if you know how to use it right. Using Kennected Video to reach potential donors for your nonprofit organization can make things easier. But the thing about LinkedIn is that it can be time-consuming, especially if you’re reaching out to prospects manually.

Using automation can make things a lot easier for you. With Kennected, you can reach hundreds of prospects without coming across as a spammer. You won’t end up in “LinkedIn Jail”, which is just another term for getting your account restricted by LinkedIn because you sent an inhuman amount of messages in a day. Your LinkedIn outreach should be done safely—that’s why you need to get Kennected.

How to Automate Your Prospecting & Outreach Using Kennected

To set up a campaign, just search for your target audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters and then copy and paste the URL onto Kennected. Set up your personalized message and follow-ups, and then launch your campaign. It’s that simple.

Kennected brings you a steady stream of leads, connections, and meetings—all on autopilot. That’s the power of Kennected.

No need to wait for prospects to answer. Kennected will notify you when there’s a message so you can jump right into the conversation and take over from there.

Why Kennected is Your Secret Weapon on Raising Money for 501C3 Organizations

Once you set up a campaign, Kennected limits the number of messages sent per day. So even though your messages are being sent automatically, you’re still not spamming other LinkedIn users.

This is why Kennected is the safest automation tool out there. You can reach potential donors without putting your account at risk.

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