New York Fashion Week Inspired By Metaverse

ChainGuardians gave attendees a first look at its online-and-offline Phygital Meta Street Wear collection this week at New York Fashion Week.

The ChainGuardians runway show started with a virtual reality area where guests could try on virtual versions of the clothes that human models would later wear. 

The collection aimed at engaging people who aren’t familiar with Web3. 

Here is what the article states –

“Over cocktails and bespoke water bottles, Web3 enthusiasts mingled with fashion designers. NFT artists and owners chatted as impeccably dressed influencers snapped photos nearby. Somewhere beyond the crowd, the winners of ‘Love Island’ season 8 prepared for the night’s events.

The unlikely medley of people was brought together earlier this week for a New York Fashion Week runway show that blended real-life fashion with Web 3 couture. Among the brands on display were e-commerce boutique Oh Polly and blockchain gaming company ChainGuardians, coming together to highlight the emergence of AR in fashion.” 

Read the full story here

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