New Whale Locating Tech Shows The Reach Of Automation Tools

While technology has taken businesses and other operations by storm, a recent article from the Science & Technology section of the VA News tells us that tech has taken to the sea as well.

New software is allowing ships to receive timely information concerning whale locations in the water, helping to prevent any collisions that may occur.

“Scientists have developed a technology-powered mapping tool to prevent ships from hitting whales in areas off America’s west coast.

The system is called Whale Safe. It uses equipment placed in the ocean to identify the presence of whales in the surrounding area. The tool also records shipping activity and ship speeds. The collected data is then sent by satellite to scientists who examine it and seek to provide guidance to ship operators.

Developers of the system say it produces near real-time information about nearby whale movements.

Whale Safe has already been operating near ports in southern California. It was recently launched to the north in San Francisco Bay.

There is a problem in the bay with ships hitting whales. Last month, wildlife officials reported the latest suspected case. A humpback whale washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay with injuries suggesting the animal was killed in a ship strike.

The Marine Mammal Center near San Francisco said it was the fifth whale to be killed by a ship strike in the area this year. Wildlife officials note that the actual number of whales killed by ships is likely much higher because the bodies of the dead animals are rarely discovered.

Humpback whales visit California to feed in the summer and autumn before migrating south to reproduce off the coast of Mexico. They are among the world’s most endangered whales. An estimated 35,000 to 40,000 remain in the wild. The Marine Mammal Center says the main threats facing humpback whales are strikes from ships and getting caught in fishing and waste equipment.”

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Like this article illustrates, technology has the unique ability to solve a problem when it arises.

While technology may have once been perceived as simply an educational tool, software implementations have expanded into every corner of the world, including our oceans.

In your business, technology can and will fix your problems as soon as you nail down the solution.

Think of your customers as the whales described above. In order to protect your clients and offer them the best service possible, you have to see what their problems are and work to solve them.

New technologies can show where whales are located in the water, and automation tools can help your customers grow their business exponentially.

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