New Tech Helps to Save Lives in Business and Beyond

Though the way we use technology on a daily basis is likely limited to our cell phones and laptops, software developments are expanding to other necessary areas with ease.

A new development in technology includes locator drones, designed to help find missing persons regardless of the terrain or climate.

A recent article by Forbes highlights this software development and how it is being used to save lives every day.

“Video technology can help search and rescue teams find people faster.

Search and rescue teams frequently face the daunting challenge of finding a person in the most difficult circumstances—for example, in areas of tall grass with no visibility, racing against time to find people in tidal areas or searching at night when it’s pitch-black. The person may be seriously injured and in need of medical help, so teams need to find the person as quickly as possible.

Video technology mounted on drones is a tool that rescue teams use to make their search effort more effective. According to the BBC, some teams estimate that using video drones reduces their search times by up to 50% because a drone can scan large areas much faster than a team on foot. Using thermal video technology, rescue teams can locate someone in danger from a distance, even if there is no clear visibility of the person.

In the United Kingdom, a video drone located a man after he was lost in an area of high grass for over 18 hours. The rescue team commented that video technology had “very likely” saved the man’s life. Earlier this year in one of Europe’s largest urban parks, hikers who were unfamiliar with the area got stuck up to their knees in wet mud. To add to their difficulties, it was after dark, and the whole area was pitch-black. Using thermal video technology on a drone, the rescue team found them after only 30 minutes.”

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Technology and its outreach are truly incredible, and this article reminds us that software implementations have the potential to save lives.

What the last few years have shown us regarding technology makes many people confident in software developers, and we should be.

We have seen that a problem can arise that has never been seen before, and technology can be used to fix and help the situation.

Businesses utilize technology for their processes all the time, and the same process occurs in this setting.

Automation tools exist to help businesses be more efficient and effective in serving their client base.

When you see a problem within your business, use automation to alleviate it quickly and easily.

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