New Study Suggests Best Way To Market To Gen Z

Horizon Media’s “Gen Z Field Guide: A Marketer’s Manual for Following the Niche Over the Norm” identifies five categories & 12 subcultures that have become critical to understanding & reaching this next generation. 

They all agree on one thing: there’s no theme unifying their cohort. Ninety-one percent of 18- to 25-year-olds believe mainstream pop culture is dead.

In order to market to Gen Z, you’ll have to address subcultures that address unique & personalized interests that sometimes conflict with each other.

Here is what the article states –

The five major cultures identified by Horizon Media are gaming, entertainment, education, fashion and beauty. Within those categories, sub-segments range from “Gamer Girls” to “Scientific Edutainers” to “Cursed Cosplayers,” each with their own passion points and engagement tolerance. Reaching such hyper-specific consumers requires a level of nuance that hasn’t previously been marketing’s forte, according to Gurevich.

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“You have to be deeply embedded in the culture. You can’t just open TikTok one day and know what will appeal to these consumers,” said Gurevich. “There’s a lot of noise, and Gen Z is looking for more intimate ways to connect. That’s how we have to approach these subcultures, by looking at the passion behind them.”

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