New Car Communication Software Arrives to Help Prevent Collisions

Technology has been and continues to be a force in almost every industry on the planet.

We have seen automation tools and software development take charge of businesses, schools, and hospitals, and it seems that cars are next in line.

A recent article by the New York Times details new car automation and what this could mean for the future of the road.

“Communication is key to any good relationship. But when it comes to vehicles and their owners, silence largely prevails.

Except for a few vague warning lights on the dashboard and side mirrors — and a few sensor-based sounds in some recent models and, of course, car horns — drivers know nothing about what the vehicles and pedestrians around them are about to do. A dangerous obstruction in the roadway, two cars about to move into the same lane, or a bicycle coming out of a blind alley up ahead are a few potential surprises, with the driver finding out about them often too late — sometimes with deadly results.

Yet by later this decade much of such surprises is expected to change. Manufacturers are developing systems generically known as C-V2X — shorthand for cellular vehicle-to-everything technology — for vehicles to communicate with each other and pedestrians, cyclists, construction workers (via wearable sensors or smartphones) and road infrastructure elements, like traffic lights.

With V2X technology, a car whose sensors or cameras detect a pothole in the roadway will be able to notify their drivers, giving them time to take evasive maneuvers. Highway workers will be alerted to an oncoming vehicle that’s traveling too close to them. School bus drivers will be warned against letting children off if a vehicle fails to stop. And bicyclists (and drivers) will be made aware of each other before possible collisions.

“While passive safety such as seatbelts and active safety from such things as lane departure warning has improved occupant safety, fatalities outside the vehicle are growing,” said Anupam Malhotra, senior director of connected services for Audi of America. “We’re now working to provide cooperative safety, sharing safety-related information with others.”

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This new software is all about prevention and preparedness, two essential elements for drivers everywhere.

Communication really is everything, and it is amazing to see that technology can work to reduce collisions and help drivers stay safe.

In business, your software should function in a similar manner.

Make sure your automation tools help to prevent a problem in your niche or help prepare customers for a specific situation.

Automation tools exist to help us with specific business tasks and improve efficiency, so use these tools accordingly.

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