How Do You Motivate A Sales Team


When it comes to motivation in a company, the solutions closely align with what makes employees want to stay with their company. Motivating a sales team requires diligence, perseverance, and a sense of creativity.

To provide insider knowledge, Kennected’s vice president of sales Chris Hoffmann delivered some perspective on what works best when leading a sales group of young individuals. 

Cast A Clear Vision

A destination is not possible without a journey, which can be translated into driving others to pursue goals. A sales team should be motivated to pursue a goal that’s just out of reach but not impossible. But not every salesperson is motivated in the same way.

When it comes to transactional and transformational leadership, Hoffmann sees the benefits of both. 

“There are things that are naturally transactional in business and leadership, but it’s important to make an effort to be transformational,” said Hoffmann. 

In this perspective, Kennected’s sales team works toward a common goal, but each salesperson has individual goals. And depending on those goals, leaders can offer incentives to those wanting to climb the ranks.

Salespeople should always be thinking one step ahead of the game to ensure goals are met. There should be a growth mindset set on autopilot. As a salesperson, the idea of staying in one spot is counterproductive and, to put it frankly, not realistic.

“You can’t tell someone to do something that you wouldn’t do,” said Hoffmann. “So, when it trickles down from leadership, you can give that clear picture of what and how you’re supposed to move daily.

Collaboration vs. Competition

Playing to different personality types can drive success and possibly, new ideas. Some may see the field as competition or a chance to shine brighter than others. Depending on who you ask may or may not be true, but there’s always a chance for collaboration. Without our fellow sales team, we’re not consistently pushing ourselves to our full capabilities.

Companies want to have that positive, collective work environment, and the only way to ensure that is through a combined effort. Competition is a successful mindset but only so much will carry a salesperson to success.  

“Having the leaderboards on the TVs and handing out prizes motivates people,” said Hoffmann. “Whereas someone at a different stage, it might now work. But for us, the competition is cool.”

Since the pandemic, a hot-button topic of interest has been the value of employees. If our employees don’t feel valued, how can we expect them to perform well? Kennected is a modern company in that aspect where we’ve seen the benefits of what a flourishing work kulture can do. 

Small Wins Make For Big Successes

With the hectic schedules salespeople face, it can be easy to lose track of all the small wins they make along the way. Every positive should be taken into account, which at Kennected, occurs through public displays of encouragement and celebration. A standing ovation and a group of coworkers recognizing the work someone does display value and recognition. 

“It’s definitely important to celebrate wins and to accomplish what you said you would because that builds momentum,” said Hoffmann. “And we need to recognize that as a group.”

Hoffmann talks about a philosophy of celebrating small wins daily, even if it’s as simple as brushing your teeth or playing with your dog in the morning.

“People don’t credit themselves enough for small wins,” said Hoffmann. 

Kennected’s sales team is displayed via leaderboards, tracking the progress of each member. Every morning the team starts the day by celebrating the winners from the previous day. Hoffmann stated how the daily ritual appears to work and ensures positive results.

“People deserve to be rewarded for putting in the work,” said Hoffmann.

Education & Training

Time and precision go into our work here at Kennected, including our sales training. Many of the team members are jumpstarting their careers young, some with expert experience and others with little to no experience. 

Nobody is truly an expert in a field until they jump in. Kennected is split into separate sections of specialty, but at the same time, we all work collaboratively, each section supporting the next. 

Hoffmann has found that sheer empowerment in others is key to success. In his words, “It just works.” Yes, there’s a binder of curriculum and criteria, but like the evolving market, we’re evolving too. 

“It’s important that everyone is marching to the same beat, and that comes with trusting each other and building relationships,” said Hoffmann.

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