How To Motivate A Sales Team When Sales Are Down

When you’re a member of a sales team, you get the chance to celebrate the feeling of every small win. Each sales rep on the team plays a vital part in achieving sales goals the overall performance of the sales organization. Sales success comes from team morale, where the entire team can build trust with employees.

However, with all the small wins on the team, there must be a sales slump following close behind. Key decision-makers of the team will likely remind you that not every sales team can close deals and increase sales every week. But sales managers should provide sales team motivation and a healthy skill set on focusing daily.

What makes a team of sales professionals feel inspired? How do you make your team’s culture is a healthy one? Real sales managers have their team’s best interests at heart. They prove sales effectiveness and successfully motivate their sales team to provide a competitive advantage. Every day should not be treated as a sales contest but friendly competition amongst the team.

How Does The Sales Process Work?

Sales training provides sales reps with a steady hand on what’s in store for them during the sales cycle. Sales targets should be adapted and evolve as time goes by. With a focus on menial tasks like cold calling, sales team members develop customer data while hoping to land a lead. This process may require calling multiple times throughout the day.

Salespeople rarely have a balance of work-life and home life, but carry motivation and stress to make more money, in order to provide for their family. Kennected cares about our sales reps and encourages a strong work life balance, not often found in the SaaS space, which is one of the reasons we were on the Inc. 5,000 list for fastest growing companies in 2021.  Kennected’s sales team works on the company’s mission of selling software. This software is a central hub for all your customer’s contact information. With Kennected, you can import LinkedIn leads and prospects into CRM software.

The Kennected team is unique in its performance as they build trust with every company and ensure their team has success in their sales efforts. We work to boost motivation consistently, similarly to a sports game mindset. We want our company to continue growing and shake things up every once in a while to make the sales process an enjoyable one.

Catch up on our company’s methods of motivation with this blog.

Ask Sales Reps (And Care) What's Wrong

Through a sense of skill development, different salespeople will face different scenarios, customers, and experiences overall. External factors in their lives may offset the personal goal and sales performance. There’s a constructive criticism where one tactic works to change and improve a team member. But then there’s a time for focus on the sales reps, the sales member, the individual.

Making money in a sales company is no easy job. Motivate your sales team with grace and heart so they’ll respect the sales manager they work for. As a sales manager or sales leader, keep the sales team’s best interest in mind.

Provide Feedback & Support

Play to your team’s strengths. Host more meetings, give the team a meaningful break, or remind them why they’re the best salespeople to lead—Balance the good with the bad. You can send a weekly motivational email to motivate your sales team. But at the same time, discuss the team or individual’s performance.

The sales job should feel more like a family than a group of employees. Is someone always slacking on sales? Is the plan for the sales funnel not working? Be transparent and honest with your team. As a team leader, make it your job to both motivate and educate them on why they’re with the company.

Salespeople all have different incentives for getting them out of bed every day. Kennected’s vice president of sales Chris Hoffmann is completely open on his methods with the team and what motivation is like here at the company. We hope to showcase more articles on inside team information in the future.

Figure Out What Motivates Each Person

Motivation comes in different forms for each sales team and the individuals that make up the team. It can be challenging to motivate your sales team when the leader doesn’t take the time to know their sales team. It’s their job to boost the team’s morale through positive but productive means.

When sales teams sell their product, it’s a win for the leader, but what’s a win for the sales team? Perhaps a team member knows a break is incoming, a sense of relief, and a certain sense of control is imminent. If a team has a common goal or accomplishment to achieve, they’ll feel less isolated. Motivate your sales team through sales quotas.

A break from the sales CRM may be precisely what the team needs. Sales CRM ensures a working relationship between professionals and their customers. But the process can be daunting at times. Sales teams that can be someone beyond the phone will make for happier employees.

Sales Managers Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar

Some sales managers might let their ego go too far. Don’t enforce a tyrannical rule over the team as it’s a sure way for higher employee turnover rates and toxic work culture. Positive reinforcement is an effective way to motivate professionals on the team and introduce new ideas. A motivational email of unity and direction can help the team’s daily sales.

Everyone on the team wants to feel heard and seen. It’s not possible to motivate the team, in the same way, as it could get tiring and lose its motivation effectiveness. Motivation with “honey” will catch more flies than motivation with “vinegar.”

Kennected thrives off motivation and works to make sure each department feels united and works toward a common goal. Without one component working well, the whole team is up in flames, so incorporating motivation in daily meetings and communication works wonders.

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