Kennected Launches CRM

As the competition amongst digital marketing brands tightens, Ron Kimhi of announced the company’s decision to launch its customer relationship management tool.  

Based on’s low-code/no-code framework, Work OS, monday sales CRM is a fully customizable CRM that can be implemented in MINUTES, giving business owners & sales teams a central place to manage everything about their sales cycle & customers. 

In addition to Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Aircall, Mailchimp, PandaDoc, and DocuSign, Monday sales CRM seamlessly integrates with hundreds of apps & services to unify data silos & make collaboration EASY.

Here is what the article states –

Ron Kimhi, monday sales CRM Product Lead at, said: “As organizations’ digitization continues to evolve rapidly, the need for a unified cross-department customer view becomes more pressing. We’re building a CRM that is fast, flexible and breaks down departmental silos to connect teams across entire organizations, which increases efficiency and results.

“Our new approach to CRM is unified but also very easy to use, ensuring a seamless journey from prospect to customer and beyond, optimizing daily teamwork, team satisfaction, and success.”

Read the full story here

Kennected continues to partner with the world’s BEST business leaders. As part of our ongoing speaking events, we’re working with Kevin O’Leary’s company, Tax Hive.

Cloud Kennect is our revolutionary lead generation tool. 

It automates LinkedIn conversations for YOU, so you don’t have to spend all day prospecting. That’s pretty cool, huh?

We’re not the first company to do this, but we’re probably the first to focus on relationship building OVER revenue. 

Startups FAIL because they’re chasing success right away. Reality isn’t like that.

It takes TIME for marketing to work, so be patient. 

By leading the charge on relationship building, you’re one step closer to closing deals.

We’re giving Cloud Kennect customers FREE Tax Hive advice from some of the best marketers.  

Our goal is to keep providing the best VALUE to our customers!


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