What is Microsoft Prem?

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A Premier subscription is purchased through your local Microsoft store. It gives you access to the full functionality of Microsoft Office 365.

Still, you will only have access to Office 365 ProPlus and not the other features such as Business Intelligence, Skype for Business, or Azure Active Directory Premium. Office 365 ProPlus is the latest version of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Let’s explore what Microsoft Premier Support and its benefits are.

What is Microsoft Premier Support?

Microsoft Premier Support is a means for customers to receive critical technical support from Microsoft. Training engineers working in the Microsoft Premier Support Center provide this support. The technical account manager can answer questions and resolve issues that are not available through normal Windows support options.

Their team has been trained and certified by Microsoft, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest level of expertise and service. They work hard to provide the best possible experience for their customers by following strict guidelines and procedures that ensure that your issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

What is the Difference Between Premier and Standard Support?

Premier Support provides additional assistance beyond standard support, such as remote diagnosis or advanced troubleshooting techniques. In addition, it helps you avoid some of the hassles associated with standard support options. There is no need to wait for a scheduled appointment, no need to send your computer in for repair or replacement, and no need to buy additional products or services while you wait.

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What is Microsoft Unified Support vs. Premier Support?

One major difference between Premier Support and Microsoft Unified Support is the core services to customers. Microsoft Unified Support services are more intensive and personalized. Unified support refers to an app launched by Microsoft to provide unified and specialized support for customers. The services provided by unified support include:

  • Remote Diagnosis

  • Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Advanced Remote Assistance

  • Remote Assistance with a PC

The Premier Support option is more limited than Unified Support, but it still offers all the benefits of other support options.

What Does It Take To Get Microsoft Premier Support?

Microsoft Premier Support requires a qualifying purchase from an authorized Microsoft reseller or a Microsoft Store. Microsoft Premier supports that customers who purchase a qualifying product from an authorized reseller will contact the reseller’s sales team.

They will request that they provide their name, contact information, and payment details. They will also need to complete an online request form on the reseller’s Website. If you make your purchase at a Microsoft Store, you can ask for support at any time in-store or online through the support portal.

What Does Microsoft Premier Support Include?

Microsoft Premier Support includes the following:

Remote Monitoring

With Premier Support, you can set up remote monitoring for your computer, which allows a technician to view what is happening on your computer from their PC. You can get remote support by accessing the help desk.

Advanced Diagnostics and Repair

Using Microsoft technologies, you can get your computer repaired faster and easier. With advanced diagnostics, you can have a technician diagnose your problem from their computer. You can also use advanced repair to perform servicing that requires special tools or skills.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

 With Premier Support, you have access to advanced troubleshooting techniques. These include remote-access tools for the technician to access your computer from their PC or the ability to send a system image of the hard drive directly to Microsoft for analysis. In addition, you can receive assistance with third-party applications installed on your computer (for example, antivirus software).

What is an Evaluation Period?

When you purchase Premier Support services as part of a product installation package or upgrade, they will offer an evaluation period to evaluate your system and provide technical support. If they determine that you need assistance during this period, they will provide you with assistance on a service-by-service basis. This period ends when you purchase the Premier Support services.

What are Microsoft Proactive Credits?

When you buy proactive services, they will offer you a Proactive Credit. This credit is applied to your service bill and can be used to cover costs for future Premier Support services. You can use the credits to cover expenses for Premier Support services or future product installations or upgrades.

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What are the Benefits of Premier Support?

The benefits of Premier Support include:

1. Enterprise Support

It offers comprehensive support for your Microsoft product, including support for multiple versions of the same product and best-of-breed support for all Microsoft products.

2. Support Across All Products

You receive enterprise-level support across all Microsoft products. They can help you with your software, hardware, and any other issues in your environment.

3. Proactive Support

Premier Support offers proactive services that help prevent issues before they happen. With proactive services, they can proactively identify service requests before they occur. Microsoft technologies will help resolve them quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime to your production environment.

4. Fast Response Times

Premier Support delivers fast response times to address issues as they occur or before they impact your business operations. They also provide an escalation process that allows them to contact you as soon as possible if an issue is identified during a scheduled support call.

5. Global Scale

Premier Support is offered from a single, global Microsoft Support Center. This ensures that you receive the same support from locations worldwide.

6. Dedicated Service Exchange

Dedicated Service Exchange allows you to provide feedback on your experience with Microsoft Support to help improve the way they deliver service. They have a dedicated technical account manager who can assist you and answer your questions about Premier Support and Microsoft products at any time.

7. Dedicated, Experienced Support

They provide dedicated, experienced support from a team with over 20 years of experience helping customers with complex IT issues.

No matter where you are located, they will be there to help you resolve any problems that may arise with your Microsoft products, whether it is a software issue or a hardware issue. They have supported customers worldwide for many years and have helped them secure their IT infrastructure and achieve business growth.

Is Microsoft Premier Support Worth It?

Premier Support is a worthy investment for their customers. They know that it can be difficult to trust an online support service. That is why they will provide you with the highest level of service and support available.

They are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience with Premier Support. Microsoft support also devotes all of their resources to making sure that it is one of the best services on the market.

Who Can Benefit From Premier Support?

Their Premier Support service is designed for customers with medium-large-sized IT infrastructures looking for a more comprehensive support experience. Whether you are a small independent business or a global corporation, you can benefit from Premier Support’s expertise, seasoned customer support team, and dedicated account manager.

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Is There an Azure Premier Support Plan?

They currently offer a Premier Support package for Azure, but they want to expand their services to other Microsoft platforms.

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