Messaging Prospects On LinkedIn 2020

Now let’s talk more about the messaging. Right. So obviously, we can find our target prospects. But how do we go about that? So with our messaging, I’ll show you an example. This is one strategy I use with Jeremy. So I said, Hey, Jeremy, I see you have a few shared connections. And I wanted to reach out and introduce myself and see if we can be evaluated one other toxic. This is the note that I sent with the connection request, right? 


So if I hit Connect, add this note right here. That’s what I put in here. Hey, I’m just being open. Let’s connect yada, yada. I’m not being super salesy here. But once he accepted my request, I came in and I said, Hey, Jeremy, thanks to the connection, I wanted to reach out to my LinkedIn contacts, wish you Happy New Year, I gave him some of my goals. So I showed personality allowed him to know more about me. And then also what I did was at the very end, I said, Hey, please take a look at what I do. I sent him a link to what connected is he knows exactly my company, how I can help who I help by going here. And I say, if you think that I could be of assistance to help crusher 2020, feel free to book a call with me.


And then Jeremy said, thanks, Ellie, I like your najia book with you for 11am. Eastern tomorrow. And then I just went back and said, Thank you. So like, that was a call from LinkedIn that I booked on autopilot, and he actually became a client. That’s why LinkedIn is powerful, you’re going to get people who don’t want to connect, but that’s okay. If we for shoot giving a lot of shots on goal, you’re going to be able to generate leads on LinkedIn pretty easily, because they’re on this platform to do business. They want everyone everyone wants to get to where they want to be right, like your clients pay you for a reason.

Doing Business

So whenever they’re on LinkedIn, they’re actually open to doing business and open to hearing what you’re saying and wanting to get on a call, which goes back to what I was talking about with this LinkedIn sales funnel. What I just showed you right now was me doing that successfully put in my LinkedIn search. So Jeremy was in there, I sent him a connection request with an introduction message, right? Then I followed up saying, Hey, this is what I do, Jeremy, like, if you think I could be a value, like, let’s get on a phone call, let’s talk. He said, Yep, I love it. Because he got enough information from this page that spiked his curiosity and actual interest, we got on this discovery call where I gave him a demo of my product and what we have, and then he became a client. That’s really what it looks like on LinkedIn, just rinsing repeating that same process. 

This is what Messaging Is​

So that’s really what the messaging is, is to kind of wrap this up. It’s just understand that everybody, like the people on LinkedIn are there to network and do business on like Facebook. And these other platforms, you know, there are a lot of times they’re after work, they just want to be left alone. So you know, it’s harder to actually talk with them. LinkedIn, it’s super easy, because people actually want to do business with you. Going back to like, oh, how do I really use the messaging, it’s all comes down to really understanding your customer, understand your customer, their language, and how you talk with them. And then structure that note when knowing that use this same framework to craft your messaging.

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