Masimo To Release Health Watch

Global medicine company Masimo recently began marketing its latest health technology: the W1 smartwatch. 

For the first time in a watch format, W1 monitors oxygen saturation in real-time. It also measures pulse rate, respiration rate, and more. 

A limited-edition release of the Masimo W1 measures the hydration index.

The Personal SafetyNet was launched alongside the watch by Masimo.

Through Personal SafetyNet, a paid subscription service within the company’s app, users can review their physiological status over time.

Data sharing & virtual doctor visits are also possible.

Here is what the story says:

“Masimo W1 is a gamechanger,” Olympic silver medalist Morgan Pearson said in a news release. “As a professional triathlete, I’m always looking to optimize my performance in every way possible. With Masimo W1 I can continuously monitor lots of vital signs, even my level of hydration. This essential continuous data will help me track and improve my physiological performance in the most demanding of race conditions.”

Read the full story here.

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