What Are Marketing Text Messages

Marketing text messages are texts sent directly from your business to your customer database with a clear purpose in mind.

Here a just a few of the many ways to use text message marketing for your business:

  • Allows you to send transactional SMS messages from your company to your the mobile devices of your clients

  • Reach existing customers and gauge customer interests through your first SMS campaign

  • Expands your digital marketing strategy to accommodate and better engage customers

  • Allows you to send MMS messages (multimedia messaging service), which gives you the opportunity to send pictures, attachments, and links through the text message marketing channels

  • Keeps your content fresh and interesting with different time frames to send messages in

  • Allows you to send mobile coupons, promotional messages, and other mobile marketing efforts that will help increase sales

Read on to learn just how much SMS marketing messages can do for your business.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS text message marketing is a short message service that allows you to send bulk text messages from your own business to your customers using SMS marketing campaigns.

This form of business text messaging uses phone numbers gathered from new customers and existing customers alike in order to reach everyone in your client base.

This service comes to life through an SMS marketing software that is installed into your own software to create short code marketing communications that come through as incoming text messages to your customers.

Text marketing is different from email marketing campaigns in several ways:

  • Your SMS marketing program will use designated SMS campaigns to reach targeted audiences

  • A specific marketing channel can be created to send SMS messages to a specific group of clients

  • The SMS marketing software uses short code to send bulk SMS and appointment reminders through the curated marketing campaign

  • Your SMS marketing strategy is recorded and stored in messaging analytics for you to use as a marketing tool

Small business owners will generally utilize the versatility of SMS advertising for text message campaigns and to add variety to their current email marketing efforts.

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What are SMS Messages Good For?

Text marketing and the SMS messages that come with the service are beneficial in many areas.

  • Once you have a list of SMS subscribers, you’ll be able to begin mass text messaging through your marketing channel

  • Text marketing allows you to use short form content and send messages quickly and efficiently

  • Your SMS platform will track customer loyalty, phone calls, messaging analytics, and any other important metrics for your SMS program

  • Each SMS message will have a specific purpose and intention behind it

  • You’ll learn your best practices for text message marketing through experimentation and the open rates for each marketing message

As a key part of your digital marketing strategy, SMS messaging will allow you to expand your current marketing and sales efforts into a whole different realm.

You’ll have access to your clients’ phone numbers, making it easy to reach them and provide support if needed.

You’ll see improvements in your mobile marketing and SMS campaigns as your best practices show themselves through your continued efforts.

Let’s take a closer look into the marketing best practices that you’ll begin to reap the benefits of through SMS marketing services.

How Do I Use Text Message Marketing?

Most businesses will use text message marketing to foster relationships with their customers while also using text messages to send out important information that adds value to their business.

However, before you begin operating your SMS marketing channel, you must first act in accordance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that mandates receiving explicit consent from each customer before you are able to start sending messages to that client.

This statute was created by the Federal communications commission to ensure that SMS marketing platforms obtain express written consent from their clients in their text messaging marketing endeavors.

This piece is not optional regarding your marketing strategy– it is a non-negotiable factor for the success of your text messaging and SMS campaign.

This law was put into place to protect customers from eCommerce marketers who gain access to a phone number and spam it with content, resulting in an unhappy individual who just wants to not be receiving those messages.

Having access to a client’s phone number is a privilege, so make sure that you are only sending content to their direct line that is absolutely necessary for them to receive.

Once you have the compliance piece all squared away, you can now begin sending text messages through your SMS marketing campaign.

What is the Difference Between Text Message Marketing and Other Marketing Messages?

Let’s take a second to outline the differences between SMS marketing and other marketing tools that you may already be using for your business.

Email marketing is primarily used for:

  • Sending long form content

  • Providing weekly updates about the company

  • Highlighting a specific company or client win

  • Linking messages together through marketing channels

  • Sending coupons or discounted service opportunities

We have all seen what an email marketing campaign can do, either through our own business channel or being on the receiving end of one.

This marketing tool is very helpful for sending out long form content and can add a lot of value to your marketing campaign.

Let’s outline what the SMS message can do for you:

  • Helps expand your best practices by reaching clients quickly

  • You benefit greatly from the higher open rates and response rates associated with text message marketing

  • Each text message you send is very likely to be received and read

  • Creates an informal mode of communication for your clients to utilize

  • Your business name and number will be linked with each text message, demonstrating brand unity and your accessibility

  • You’ll be able to view the analytics of your SMS marketing and improve constantly with each text message

What is important to note here is that SMS marketing should not be the only form of digital marketing strategy that you utilize for your business.

Using social media, email marketing, and blogs are all extremely important to the success of your marketing strategy.

Text message marketing channels are a great way to expand your existing marketing campaigns and even allow you to feed into the sales realm.

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How Can SMS Marketing Benefit My Business?

Text message marketing can check many boxes for your business and provide you with just as many benefits.

From the very first text message you send through your SMS marketing campaign, you’ll begin to see the advantages of the service.

You’ll receive more messages from your clients.

You’ll see higher open rates on your SMS.

You will build rapport with your clients through your text messages.

Your business’s SMS marketing will aid in sales through promotional messages and transactional SMS.

You’ll gain new customers through social media and website traffic.

The marketing tools you already have will be strengthened.

You’ll be better equipped to see gaps in your current marketing software and help to fill them through SMS marketing and text messages.

Once you begin implementing SMS marketing in a way that helps your business, you may begin to wonder how you ever made it without it!

How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing

Here at Kennected, we have seen the importance of well constructed and well implemented SMS marketing.

The benefits of text message marketing have shown themselves through our own SMS, and we are excited to keep growing and improving our SMS marketing.

Once you start using text message marketing to your advantage, you too will see just how amazing it can be for your business as a whole. 

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